Top Colleges in the USA for Asian Students: A Comprehensive Guide

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The United States of America has had one of the strongest educational systems in the world for many years in a row. Thus, it’s no wonder that thousands of foreign students dream of learning in the country. It seems that merely every young man and woman wants to get a degree in America. Of course, not all of them are able to fulfil this dream. Asian learners are among them and these ones seem to be quite successful in becoming students in the USA.

Our informative guide focuses on the most perspective colleges for Asian learners. It highlights various facts about them, as well as the population of Asians, trends, various supporting materials for foreign learners, scholarship options, etc. If you are a student from Asia and you want to be one of the lucky ones in the enrollment of Asian students, this guide is exactly what you need!

Why It Matters

If you are looking for colleges for Asian American, you are expected to take into account various factors and peculiarities. They are crucial because they directly impact the choice and quality of learning. So, what essentials are supposed to be considered?

  • Diversity. Be sure the selected institution offers a wide range of learning programs that can satisfy any possible career chances in the future.
  • Support systems. As you are a foreigner, be sure the selected institution offers special activities and programs that help to adapt to the US culture faster.
  • International options. Of course, you should review the colleges and universities that offer degrees for international learners.
  • Pricing. The US system of education is one of the most expensive in the world. Therefore, you need to consider this factor for sure.


You surely know that any Asian American college has a definite ranking. The main factors that impact the official rankings are as follows:

  • Alumni rating
  • The average faculty salary
  • The ability of a college to finance itself
  • Expert opinion
  • Average enrollment
  • Acceptance percentage
  • Culture courses
  • Extracurricular options
  • Average entry salary after graduation
  • Social mobility
  • International collaboration and others.

When you review possible options, you should know that all rankings are based on them. If you need options for Asian learners, you may not worry. The suggested options consider the needs of international students too. Even the common Google search will provide you with relevant data.

Statistical Overview

Now, we would like to check the way Asians are distributed throughout the USA to understand some tendencies and trends. People started talking about Asians in 1990th when their population in the USA was visible. There were 6.6 million of them. Nonetheless, they did not spread throughout the country. They settle in definite “pockets.” Today, their population is much bigger and reaches about 20 million. Thus, you can meet them in every part of the country.

Yet, we can clearly see where Asian students like to dwell and which regions they commonly avoid. The most popular states of their dislocation are North and South Dakota, Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, California, New York, and others.

The tendency is more obvious when we look at the map of the USA. The majority of Asian learners prefer either the Southwest or Northeast. There are almost no representatives in the central part of the country, north, and south. The most widely spread nationalities are as follows:

  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Indian
  • Filipino
  • Vietnamese
  • Pakistani

As you can see, most of them come from the Pacific region.

Top Colleges for Asian Students in the USA

Now, we would like to review the colleges for Asian American studies. Our list will help to find a good option for anyone.

colleges with asian studentsStanford University

This one is one of the most sought-after and famous universities in the USA and outside of it. This university is the second best in the country thanks to the amazing programs, facilities, clubs, teaching staff, and other crucial features. It has the best colleges for Asian Americans. Let’s check its main features:

  • Location: San Francisco
  • Enrollment: 5,752
  • Acceptance percentage: 5%
  • Application demands: SAT, ACT, high school GPA

Harvard University

This is another famous and outstanding option for those who are looking for the best colleges with Asian studies. The third best in the USA, it I also a perfect place for Asian nationalities to study. Here are its main features:

  • Location: Cambridge
  • Enrollment: 5,699
  • Acceptance percentage: 5%
  • Application demands: SAT, ACT, high school GPA

Yale University

This one is another exceptional educational institution, which is famous in America and worldwide. One of the most interesting and vital things you should know is that it has the best teaching staff at the moment. So, students from any country will enjoy the most effective study programs. Yale is among the most suitable colleges for Asian Americans. Its main features are as follows:

  • Location: New Haven
  • Enrollment: 4,696
  • Acceptance percentage: 7%
  • Application demands: SAT, ACT, high school GPA

Brandeis University

Without any boasting, this is a hot spot every Asian American college student can think of in terms of opportunities. They will definitely find flexibility in terms of programs, as well as many options to spend spare time on. Speaking of the main perk of this place is their focus on international students. Other key features are:

  • Location: New Haven
  • Enrollment: 4,696
  • Acceptance percentage: 33%
  • Application demands: SAT, ACT, high school GPA, common APP
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Princeton University

This is another sought-after educational destination. Its curriculums are always diverse and provide graduates with outstanding job perspectives. Here are the most notable features you should know:

  • Location: Princeton
  • Enrollment: 4,689
  • Acceptance percentage: 6%
  • Application demands: SAT, ACT, high school GPA

Rice University

This is one more option for an individual from the Pacific region. It offers more than 500 majors, which is a rich choice that can suit the needs of various people. It is the best for sports management, architecture, and kinesiology in the USA. Let’s take a look at its main features:

  • Location: Houston
  • Enrollment: 4,150
  • Acceptance percentage: 11%
  • Application demands: SAT, ACT, high school GPA, common APP

Brown University

You can also opt for this one. It is good for creative thinkers, risk-takers, intellectual learners, etc. These are common qualities most Asian people pursue. It is the second best for international students who want to master English quickly. It also offers outstanding programs for global studies and public health. Both programs are the second-best in the country. As for its main features, these are as follows:

  • Location: Providence
  • Enrollment: 6,605
  • Acceptance percentage: 8%
  • Application demands: SAT, ACT, high school GPA, common APP

Student Support and Resources

Every islander from Asia can count on outstanding support and resources that make education in the USA easier and more comprehensive. Commonly, these are language assistance, cultural events, counselling services, mental health support, and career guidance. You can pick any program if you need help with adaptation.

Every college for international learners ensures these and other conditions. For example, Brandeis University offers the most effective courses for international relations and global studies. Each course is focused on working worldwide and surely suits foreigners. You can deal with this and similar colleges to reach the aims you have.

Extracurricular Opportunities

It goes beyond all doubt that international learners also require the support of different kinds. They hope to undergo extracurricular opportunities. These can help to adjust their lifestyles to the local rules, learn English faster, find a good job, and so on. Here are the most popular kinds of extracurricular opportunities:

  • Mental concentration programs for foreigners
  • Language arts classes
  • Asian history classes
  • Sporting clubs for Asian kinds of sport
  • Social clubs for faster adaptation, etc.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Many foreigners cannot get into American colleges and universities because the cost of American education is pretty high. That is why they hope to find good scholarships for Asian learners. Americans try to suit all nationalities. That is why they kindly offer a wide range of scholarships that provide foreigners with financial aid as well. Here are some of them:

  • Groundbreaker Leadership Scholarship
  • Jan Jancin Award
  • $10,000 “No Essay” Scholarship
  • Actuarial Diversity Scholarship
  • CESDA Diversity Scholarship

Alumni Success Stories

There are surely plenty of success stories of Asian alumni from the educational institutions we have mentioned. Some found jobs in the USA, became legal citizens, and live from one generation to another here, becoming more American. Others find job opportunities in their native countries because US degrees are recognized and valued worldwide. Besides, graduates can find jobs in merely all countries of the world. Therefore, you should read those stories to get inspired and realize your potential.


You should always consider the factors we’ve highlighted in our guide when choosing a college in the US. Give heed to the ranking of a concrete institution, its guarantees for foreigners, financial aid, supporting materials, and similar stuff. If you study every feature closely, you will be able to define the most suitable option out of the best colleges with Asian learners.  Besides, you will be able to pick the most suitable academic program. As a result, you won’t have to seek pro essay writing service help to keep up with classes, write essays, or handle any other academic overload students encounter.

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