Every Sphere Has Its Own Citation Style

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Every student today is well aware that there are many citation styles out there. Chances are, each student has come across that one terrible semester where it seems that every teacher requires something different. Invariably this results in headaches, missing periods, improper author name placement, and problems with citations. The reason there are so many citation styles, is that each academic discipline requires a unique citation method.

  1. MLA: MLA is the most common. The MLA style of citation is often the first citation style to which students are introduced, specifically because of its incorporation into the fields of humanities and liberal arts. The MLA citation method is called the Modern Language Association. This organization publishes a handbook intended for students and scholarly writers alike, inside of which are examples of the format and the citation of many sources.
  1. APA: The second most common is APA. The APA style is the referencing style which is used by the American Psychological Association style. This particular formatting style is the most common citation method used within the field of social sciences, in particular with behavioral science and psychology fields. APA is also used in the field of science, medical and health sciences, education, business and economics, arts, and creative arts. In fact, the American Psychological Association has published a handbook on proper citations and formatting in compliance with these rules, meant as a guide for any student or professional in need of support with formatting, citations, references, and footnotes.
  1. AMA: AMA is the citation used for the medical field, typically something that those taking any nursing classes will encounter. All of your content should be double spaced with Times New Roman font, size 12, with each paragraph indented. For the in-text citations, this reference style uses the parenthetical referencing method, but again, each item varies in its precise layout based on what type of source it is.
  1. Chicago: Chicago citation style is that which is reserved for many history courses, art courses, creative arts and industries, engineering, and theology. It is similar to the other styles in that it requires a title page and references. All of your content should be double spaced with Times New Roman font, size 12, with each paragraph indented. For the in-text citations, this reference style uses footnotes which should contain the full reference the first time a source appears on that page, with an abbreviated version each time thereafter. The requirements for proper source citation is contingent, like the other styles, upon the type of source and how many authors that source has. It is for this reason that referring to the handbook is best.
  1. Harvard: Harvard is found in the arts, creative arts and industries, and engineering. Harvard is another reference style reserved for higher education which requires a title page with your name, course name, and academic institution all in the center of the page. The reference list should begin on a separate page with the title “References”.

Now you understand that every discipline has its own specifics, so it needs a separate citation style. Use our Free Citation Generator for this matter and become a pro in formatting academic papers.

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