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7 Most Credible Sources for Research Papers

sources for research papers

Humankind is able to store at least 295 Exabyte of information, in both digital memory and analog devices. You need the right tools to dig through all this data to find what you are looking for.

In a world where you only must know how to type in order to upload information on the Internet, you need authentic sources to give you the best learning experience. That’s why you can’t use the first link in the Google search results, say, for your research paper. Here are 7 most credible sources that you have to use if you need to deliver this kind of academic assignment.

  1. Google Scholar
    Google Scholar is a web search engine that gives you access to a wide range of scholarly literature essential for your research paper. It detects academic articles, including journals, patents, theses, court proceedings, and more. It also provides links under each posting to help you find related articles.
  2. Google Books
    Google Inc. developed Google Books in October, 2004. Google Books is applauded for providing access to what may become “the largest online body of human knowledge.” Its purpose is to spread knowledge among common people.Similar to a library, here you will find books by your favorite authors and scholars to help you with your research. Type your research topic into the field and a long list of books will be displayed for you to choose from.
  3. EBSCO
    EBSCOhost offers an online research service with 375 full-text databases, 600 000-plus ebooks, subject indexes, point-of-care medical references, and a collection of digital archives. All these writings are an exceptional way to find innovative research on your topic. They add character and professionalism to your paper and work best for scientific papers and humanities.
  4. JSTOR
    JSTOR is a digital library created by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 1995. It is the home to over 2000 full text academic journals and is accessed by more than 8000 institutions across 160 countries.The content of JSTOR is produced by over 900 publishers and contains journal titles in more than 50 disciplines. JSTOR offers a “Data for Research” service allowing access to their content for research purposes.
  5. CIA World Factbook
    The World Factbook was created by the Central Intelligence Agency to provide students with almanac-style information about different countries of the world. It is frequently used as a source for academic research papers and news articles.It consists of information on geography, society, government, economy, communication, transportation, military and security of all the countries in the world.
  6. PubMed
    Maintained by the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), PubMed is a free search engine which offers MEDLINE databases of references and vivid studies on life sciences and biomedical topics. Their content includes older references from the print version of Index Medicus back to 1951, PMC citations and a collection of books available in full-text.
  7. MedlinePlus
    MedlinePlus is also a product by the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM). It is an online information service providing over 800 health topics in English and Spanish. The site has been rewarded for being “one of the best places to find medical information”.

The internet consists of 1.2 million terabytes of data which includes genuine, stolen and false information. You must be very careful when surfing the sources on the Internet. You do not want to end up with misleading and unreliable sources for your paper. That’s why you should use this list of reliable sources for academic paper writing.

And don’t forget to prepare a nicely-formatted bibliography – our Free Citation Generator shall help you with that!

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