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Late December is a precious time. The finals are over, and Christmas is almost here. All of us enjoy this miraculous holiday. Still, buying Christmas presents may be tougher than it looks. Most likely, you’ve already strolled pathetically along the malls, finding goods pretty expensive and totally useless. Why in the world would your friend need a sparkling Santa Claus or another mug designed for the winter holidays? 

Right! There is no point in buying or presenting clutter. Instead, we can offer a few fresh Christmas gift ideas that any student would love. 

A cold brew coffee maker

No student can do without this most popular energy drink. While a coffee machine might not be one of the best Christmas gifts to offer (a bit too expensive to buy and too large to place in a dorm room), there is an excellent alternative – a cold brew coffee maker. One of Amazon’s bestsellers, offered by Takeya, costs only $15 to $35, depending on its size. It makes a tasty coffee and saves the environment as well as your and your friend’s money. 

Hydro Flask for a favorite drink

Whether your friends like their coffee hot or cold, they can take it anywhere in a Hydro Flask water bottle. This kind of thermos keeps drinks hot up to 12 hours, which can be just what a student needs during a cold winter. For $40, you get an excellent eco-friendly thermos your friend can use anytime and can take anywhere. A Hydro Flask is among the last-minute Christmas gifts that can be bought online. 

A breakfast sandwich maker

If finding Christmas gifts for boyfriends is a huge problem for you, this device is just what you need. A Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker will cook a healthy and delicious breakfast in just 5 minutes. This machine is small and easy to wash, so your sweetheart can actually cook a satisfying meal every morning. For just $25, you can offer a really useful gift for a student. 

Christmas gifts

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Awesome knitwear

Remember the expression of annoyance by the Weasley twins when presented with another knitted sweater from their mom at Christmas? Well, students who have to stay on a chilly campus for the winter will appreciate this kind of gift. You can choose a nice sweatshirt with a funny print or create homemade Christmas gifts if you knit well. Most students just do not bother buying warm clothes when the weather gets colder because doing so always seems irrelevant to a young person full of energy. 

A nice book

This is one of the typical Christmas ideas for a gift that may cross your mind. No, buying your friend a book is neither boring nor weird. Perhaps you are aware of your friend’s reading list so you can choose the perfect gift from a bookstore. If not, you may opt for a funny bestseller, like The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College.

A fun card game 

Though video games capture everyone’s attention, people still play card games when they stay in to drink beer and have fun with friends. Table games are interesting and inexpensive. Besides, you will never get bored in a company of friends when the Internet crashes if you have a card game handy. Card games can be wonderful Christmas gifts for teens. You just have to find the one your group of friends will like. 

Concert or game tickets

If your friend likes to go out more than staying in, a ticket for a show will be the perfect present. Think of the events that will take place soon. Maybe it’s their favorite team playing a football match or a superstar coming to town. Then, tickets to long-awaited events will do wonderfully. You need to know what your friend really likes, though. 

Christmas presents

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A gift card to a fitness club

It may not be one of the best Christmas gifts for girlfriends, but all of us need to do some physical activity every now and then. However, if you do not know what fitness activities your friends like, you can present them with a gift card for various exercise classes, like those available on ClassPass. These are great Christmas present ideas for someone who likes to try something new in staying active. 

A gift card for a wine subscription

Rarely are there Christmas parties without alcohol. Instead of opting for cheap, strong drinks that a few students prefer, try some great wines manufactured from natural, high-quality products. Present your friends with a wine subscription card and enjoy wonderful drinks that may not be available in your local stores. As a rule, gift cards are a perfect Christmas present option. This way you can pay for a service your friend will really use and appreciate. 

A weighted blanket

Of all the possible Secret Santa gifts, this one will be most appreciated by those who experience the stress of college life. A special cooling weighted blanket can make sleep much more comfortable for anyone. For $60 to $80 on Amazon, you can get a great blanket that maintains the desired temperature throughout the night, helping your friend to rest and recover from stress more quickly.

Though choosing a perfect Christmas present often seems complicated, businesses offer us plenty of amazing products that can make life easier for everyone. Opt for one of those items if other present ideas seem to fall short. Don’t forget, though, that you can always choose specialized gift cards if you know what your friend really likes. All in all, buying a Christmas present will not give you a headache anymore. Neither will it hurt your wallet. 

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