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Expository Essay Writing

January 26, 2009

In this article we will try to get you acquainted with the basic rule and strategy which must be used while writing an expository essay.  We have collected basic tips on how to write a good expository essay.

Expository essays are the essays in which writers are required to give information, explanations about the subject or define something. The best way to write an expository essay is using the combination of statistical information and facts about the subject. Using examples is one of the important parts of an expository essay so, providing your expository paper with different examples will give it a better look….

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How to Write an Exploratory Essay

January 26, 2009

The term “Exploratory essay” sounds weird for many students, but don’t worry in this article we will try to help you find out and understand what an exploratory essay really is.

It is one of the most interesting and easy type of essay as there is no need to have special knowledge and direction to begin the exploratory essay. All what we need is the ability to think with broad imagination and creativity and conduct a little research about the subject of the exploratory paper. The meaning of the exploratory essay itself defines its meaning. …

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Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

October 15, 2008

Essay writing as well as writing a compare and contrast essay is always hard work. Students are stumbled with this project without any clear instructions of what to write about and have great difficulties writing a compare and contrast essay. The biggest problem of all is that students have no idea how to write a compare and contrast essay with quality, stay on the compare and contrast essay topic, write the compare and contrast essay outline, etc.

If a students sits down to write a compare and contrast essay, the first thing he usually thinks is how am I supposed to write this compare and contrast essay, and what should I write about. How am I supposed to write the compare and contrast essay introduction, and what should be in the compare and contrast essay body….

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Cause and Effect Essay

October 9, 2008

How many of you have had difficulties writing a cause and effect essay? A student has to write at least 7-8 cause and effect essays, which play a very important role in the education of a student. Professors ask students to write a 4-5 page cause and effect essay almost every period. This may be frustrating to those students, who have no idea how to write a cause and effect essay. Writing a cause and effect essay can be compared to and argumentative essay, where you have to prove your point using the arguments of examples, and showing people causes and effects of various actions. A cause and effect essay is supposed to show your ability to think through all the actions you make, and make sure you seize 100% of the cause and effect essay and make sure it sounds good. …

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5-Paragraph Essay

April 18, 2008

Learners are having loads of trouble in writing 5-paragraph essays these days, with the mounting load of homework, and occasionally, amateur careers; the students cannot probably put in writing their own 5-paragraph essays. There are some learners who sometimes do not encompass the capability or instant to write their 5-paragraph essays all by themselves. They have no knowledge about how and what to write.

Countless students try to find 5-paragraph essays on the internet. If they duplicate from an author or site, it is copying. Thus, the students fruitlessly search for a solution to this dilemma.

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Persuasive Essay

February 25, 2008

For writing a persuasive essay, the most important thing is to write a good thesis statement.

For writing a good thesis statement for a persuasive essay, you have to follow the following guidelines:
The thesis must be a complete sentence. By definition, a thesis makes a claim about a subject. You have to stick your neck out and make a point. Therefore for a persuasive essay, description of the subject is not sufficient; it should have a valid thesis statement.

b. A thesis must be an assertion, not a question. A question may be used effectively in your title or introduction as a way of creating interest, but a thesis is a statement that answers the question in your persuasive essay….

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Types of Custom Written Essays

January 3, 2008

Custom written essays characterize with the availability of various types of academic written papers, varying from research and term papers to personal, argumentative and classification essays. A research paper is a type of academic writing that includes critical and analytical thoughts in order to reach adequate conclusions at the necessary, higher level. One of the most important requirements for writing a qualitative research paper is conducting proper research on the respective topic. In the process of creating custom written essays, it is essential to obtain necessary information, cited according to the rules of the different academic styles, whether APA, MLA, Chicago styles, etc. In addition, the information, the analysis and the conclusions need to form a coherent body of the paper with smooth transitions between the separate paragraphs. A term paper is the second most significant type of custom written essays. This is a semester paper, which tries to determine the precised academic level of the student and the respective obtained knowledge in a certain field. Undoubtedly, this type of writing requires informative research, as one of the helpful hints could be the use of a detailed outline that points out at the most important sections within the essay. However, the common feature between all types of custom written essays is having an impressive introduction, supportive paragraphs where there is adequate evidence of the performed research as well as a critical analysis, and an effective conclusion that summarizes the main points, avoiding to state new ideas.

Another type of custom written essays is a personal essay. It is clear that this type characterizes with greater creativity and freedom regarding the chosen structure of the material. Whether the author writes about personal experience or about another person’s story, the tone is frankly individual, concentrated on the personal assessment of the described events or particular conditions. Some critics might argue that this type of essay cannot categorize under the definition of a custom written essay since the present flexible structure, allowing remarks that are more personal. Yet the argumentative essay seems closer to the requirements of custom written essays. Its specificity amounts to presenting an author’s response in regards to a definite topic. The main part in this type of custom written essays is giving reliable arguments, a task that could be quite difficult at times, especially if the author of the essay is not completely sure of how to choose and present the arguments. In this way, the phenomenon called stylistic argumentation appears in order to make the essay complete and enabled with the right tools to present a respective point of view. The construction of this type of custom written essays follows a logic principle in terms of presenting the arguments, whether with denying or with assuring purpose in mind. A classification essay is another, most commonly used type of custom written essays. Its essence is in the implemented descriptive approaches, following the direction of introducing definitions and giving proper answers and examples. The mentioned type of essay might classify only one subject, person or several; therefore, we distinguish two subtypes: monoidentical classification essay and polyidentical classification essay. Likewise, the systematization might be focused on particular phenomena, not only on persons and on things. The discussed types of academic papers come to show the enriched ways of expression through custom written essays, in accordance with the individual academic requirements or recommendations. The style, the structure and the used terminology differs significantly, forming the paradigm of a unique universe of academic papers.

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Descriptive Essay

January 3, 2008

A descriptive essay aims at describing something of particular interest to the writer. It could be a description of a person, a place, a memory, an experience or some particular piece of object tat has captured the writer’s attention. The approach to writing this descriptive essay usually varies widely from one writer to another. Some writers can describe a person while utilizing very vivid depictions, yet others can do the same using a wide array of examples to back up there analysis of the same person. Similarly, one writer comparing that memory with another memory that to them seemed very extraordinary, thus resulting in a very interesting descriptive essay can accomplish a descriptive essay about a memory. Another writer can approach the same topic by being very sensual in there description if that memory, hence transporting readers into there world of peculiar or ordinary sensualities.

Most of all however, the major issue to remember when attempting to write a descriptive essay is the reason that has led you to the task in the first place. In many such cases the reason for writing a particular descriptive essay will influence the writers perspective and the language that the writer will eventually use in the accomplishment of that task.

Secondly, the writer must always approach a descriptive essay with the attitude that they are embarking on showing the readers the events, or emotions or perspecti8ves that are unique to that particular descriptive essay. This approach is what makes a descriptive essay worth its name. The usual approach in writing essays is for writers to embark on telling the readers the particular events that took place in the essay, or telling the features of the essay. However, in a descriptive essay writers are sifted according to their ability to show the readers what they would have otherwise simply told. This approach enables readers to imagine or experience the events singly, without anyone needing to clarify it to them. They can actually ‘see’, ‘feel’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, ‘touch’ or ‘hear’ what is happening in the descriptive essay.

Once a writer has identified what or whom they want to describe, the second part to look at is the reason as to why this particular description is warranted. In analyzing the reason for writing about a particular topic, the writer must approach the issue with the view of emphasizing what makes it interesting. Basically, it means justifying the time spent in writing the descriptive essay. Could it be that the reason for writing about a particular topic is that it appears to be amazingly unusual, remarkably new or simply a repetition of an old mistake?

Moving on, he writer will now engage the reader with the particular qualities that they feel are important in this descriptive essay. As stated before, the writers’ best tools are those that enable the reader to use there senses in looking at this said qualities. The writer must therefore seek to cultivate an environment were readers are encouraged to open up there five senses as they read, i.e. the sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. This means that a writer must indulge in numerous descriptive details to ensure that your readers can generate for themselves acceptably vivid impressions of the issues to feed on there emotions and perspectives.

Things to watch out for in writing descriptive essays are that one should never digress from the topic. This can be achieved by seeking to focus the reader on one or two dominant impressions that can be distinctly singled out. This will enable the writer to come up with a very succinct organization pattern that is clear and funnel shaped. By funnel shaped, I mean that the descriptive essay must easily be seen to evolve from the general to the specific. The best way to achieve effective organization of a descriptive essay is to make sure that each paragraph describes only one aspect of your description and refrains from including unnecessary details.

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