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10 Facts on Criminal Behaviour for a Research paper

If you are writing a research paper on criminal behavior, there are many things you should consider. Review the facts below to help give you some direction into what information is out there:…

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How to Write a Research Paper on White Collar Crime

To write an excellent research paper on a given topic with the aim of achieving the highest possible score, one must first understand the meaning of the word ‘research’, what it entails and the responsibilities it brings to the researcher. The word research like most English words was derived from the French word ‘recherché’ which means to seek closely. Therefore, a research paper on white collar crimes involves seeking closely or investigating a topic on corporate crime to answer the questions asked authoritatively….

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20 Controversial Topics for Research Paper on White Collar Crime

Writing a research paper on any topic is a daunting task and it becomes more so when you have to create your own topic from the subject matter provided by your teacher as well as set the creative direction of the paper. Therefore, this article was written to provide direction on choosing research topics on white collar crime. Also the sample essay below should serve as your manual or tutorial guide on developing a selected topic in such a way that ensures your paper turns out well structured, coherent and rewards you the best mark for your effort.

Today’s guide will contain a couple of things which include: 20 topics on white collar crime and its effects on society that you can use for your own paper, and a sample essay on how to structure the contents of your chosen topic:

  1. Crimes of Privilege: White Collar Crime and the 1 Percent
  2. Corporate Crime, Law and Social Control
  3. Drawing Parallels between Corporate Crime and Organized Crime
  4. Corporate Crime and the Criminal Liabilities of Corporate Entities
  5. White Collar Crime and the Major Financial Debacles in the United States
  6. Corporate Crime and It’s Role in Economic Depressions
  7. Pursuing Accountability: How Prosecutors Should Punish White Collar Crime Offenders
  8. Corporate Crime and Sentencing in the United States
  9. Economics and Organized Crime: Challenges for Criminal Justice
  10. Impact of Corporate Crime on Developing Capital Markets
  11. The Sociological Origins of White Collar Crime
  12. Sentencing Disparities between White Collar Crimes and Street Crimes
  13. Gender and the Part it Plays in White Collar Crimes
  14. The Global implications of White Collar Crimes
  15. Exploring White Collar Crimes and its Causes
  16. Analyzing White Collar Crimes in Wall Street
  17. Trusted Criminals: White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society
  18. The Social Acceptability of White Collar Crime in the United States
  19. The Governments Role in White Collar Crime
  20. The Department of Justice’s culpability in White Collar Crimes

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10 Facts on White Collar Crime for a Research Paper

White Collar crimes are financial crimes which are non-violent in nature and crimes that fall under this category are usually committed by personnel working in business or governmental organizations. Despite their non-violent nature, do you know that corporate crime in the United States causes far more damage than all the street crimes combined together? For those who don’t know and are in need of hard facts, here are some statistics on white collar crime and its effects to the global community….

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A Perfect Research Summary

Basic Lines on Writing a Perfect Research Summary
Summary is an important structural part of every research. The author summarizes the contents of their work and includes the most important results and/or conclusions of their research. Summaries provide other researchers with the opportunity to form an overview of the work in order to decide whether to include it in their study of literature or not. The value of the summary is demonstrated by the fact that summaries (along with titles and authors’ names) are included in the index database of scientific journals.

Thus a poor summary can give the wrong impression for a good job and vice versa.

Summary is usually found after the title of the work and may be accompanied by keywords. Keywords identify the scientific framework of the paper and help other researchers to understand immediately if they are interested in the subject or not….

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How to Write a Research Paper on Breast Cancer

It is expected by this time that every college student is conversant with research paper writing. When you were joining college, you possibly shuddered when your colleagues at the higher levels mentioned that they were doing a research paper. Chances are that your perception of research papers was that one had to go the field and perform a survey or experiment. However, when you did your first term paper, you probably laughed upon the discovery that a research paper is just like any other written assignment. Obviously, you have written so many research papers by now that no topic challenges you. Moreover, the Internet today provides handy tips on excellent research paper writing. Correspondingly, you can rely on the Internet to gain access to scholarly journals, textbooks, and newspaper articles. These and other sources contain more than enough of the materials you need to write a distinctive research paper. On top of this, the Internet will assist you to identify various topic subthemes about which you can center your writing. Numerous contentious issues that have led to splits and divergent opinions mar the world today. Many of these touchy issues are explored everyday, as evidenced by the many argumentative essays written daily on abortion, homosexuality, and drug legalization. From what has emerged so far, it appears there will not be a universally acceptable solution to these issues. Consequently, it is better to divert the focus on such subjective matters, and investigate issues that can be remedied….

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Recent Tips about Writing a Nursing Research Paper

December 21, 2013

Whenever nursing students are expected to write a research paper, it is always advisable that they get the most recent tips about writing a nursing research paper. The tips are meant to assist students come up with the best quality possible as they do their research papers in nursing. The first step that students need to do is to select the topic that they feel suits their field in nursing. However, most nursing colleges ask lecturers to discuss he topics with the students since they know their capabilities in class. A lecturer will know which student can do a tough topic and which student will be challenged if assigned a certain topic to deal with. This makes it easier to come up with standard nursing research papers. However, in the case where the students are allowed to choose a topic of their own, they should ensure that they feel comfortable with it and that they will do their individual research without much strain.

Topics can be difficult if the student does not search for relevant information and resources to populate the chapters.

This implies that it is important that students research for as much content as possible so that the topic will be discussed as appropriate. Depending on the college and country that students study their nursing courses from. They should be careful to ensure that they follow all the formatting and research guidelines provided by their college. …

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How to Write a Good Physics Research Paper

December 19, 2013

Just like any other field, Physics offers students with a wide range of topics that they can choose for research and writing. This gives students an upper hand since most lecturers allow them to choose a research topic of their own interest. Students nowadays are lucky to have a bunch of professionals who can help them write their research papers. Research paper writing has formed a new career line where professionals are trained and start doing these research papers of behalf of students. To ensure that the research papers are of good quality and relevant research papers, students could get advice on how to write a good physics research paper. Students as well as these professional writers should be advised to search different sources for the key words of the topics that they wish to base their Physics research on. When they choose a topic o write about, it should be a combination of different keywords.

To get relevant materials while doing research, the use of these key words is a must. If the key words are not followed, then these two parties risk having their work deemed irrelevant. It is not fair for a student or research writer to do all the time consuming work only to have it disqualified for one reason or another. …

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How to Avoid Plagiarism when Writing a Research Paper

December 16, 2013

Some schools have been established in order to train those that are interested in online writing. This is the major place that people who have not gone to colleges learn from how to avoid plagiarism. For those that are in college they learn this through their lecturers. The lecturers know that it is important for the students to read and understand what they have been taught so they want them to answer the questions in their own way rather than just copying what other people have written. In the schools the major thing that all the people are taught is how to avoid plagiarism when writing a research paper. This is mainly because it would seem as if one has just copied someone else’s work.

The writes should read the questions carefully, understand them and then look for materials. After they have the materials they should then read the information they find relevant then paraphrase it by writing it in their own words. This way the information will seem as if they created it. If they write two or more words together from the same sentence then they will have plagiarized the work and this can cost the writing company dearly. …

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How to Write an Introduction for a Biology Research Paper

You may be wondering how to go about writing an introduction to your Biology research paper that will work for you, and catch the attention of your readers. The easiest way would be to ask for help from our writers. Using our services to get the required assistance.

Our skilled writers have already helped thousands of students, experiencing all types of difficulty with their essay papers, to sort out their most annoying problem. Most of the students who ask for help from our experienced writers are those who usually have not had the time to complete their essays, while others lack the writing skills that are necessary to appropriately complete the essay papers. Those students who do not want to go through the hectic process of completing their papers also find the right kind of help at this firm. We turn the hectic times that the students experience into a calming experience, which they can benefit from….

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