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Argumentative Essay on Obesity in America

Obesity is an issue of concern in America and in many other developed countries. This is why it is not uncommon for students in America to be asked to write argumentative essays on obesity in America. It may be stated that one third of the essays composed by students in one way or another concerns the questions of healthy eating and lifestyle, obesity and alike. The Americans are concerned about this issue, that is why the essays writing on obesity may be done by one and the same student several times during his or her academic career. To construct an acceptable argumentative essay, it is necessary to include a claim as the main argument of the essay paper. In addition, you may also include several other arguments to support the claim, as the essay leads the reader towards a logical conclusion the essay is based upon.

To come up with a good argumentative essay, you should begin with writing a strong argument that will give the reader a summarized explanation of what the essay is all about. Next, the introduction should be clear to let the readers know the focus of the argument, by stating the problem and letting the reader know the exact problem that needs to be solved. Once you have written about the problem, the main argument should therefore present the best solution to the argument . When writing the introduction for this type of paper, one should let the audience know why the idea in the paper is actually the right one for that paper or for the proposed problem stated in the essay paper. …

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Tips for Writing a Top-Notch Essay

November 19, 2013

Writing an essay is one of the most common written tasks for students at all educational institutions. However it doesn’t mean it is so easy. Writing an essay is like doing any other task. There are several steps you have to take to make your essay top-notch. Let’s have a look at this process.

At first, you have to determine what topic you are going to use for your essay. Try to be creative and choose something that would be interesting both to write and read about. On the other hand, even if you choose a typical topic, try to look at it from an unusual perspective. By the way, the best topic is the one you are interested in since you know a thing or two about that and also have a great opportunity to find out something new.

Next, you have to write an outline of your essay. Plan how it should look like before you get down to business. Writing without knowing what exactly to write is a complete waste of time. A general rule of thumb is to divide your essay into three main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion….

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How to Start a College Essay

October 17, 2013

People perceive college life to be exciting and fun since there is much association and friendliness from students. In most cases, students tend to procrastinate doing their weekend take-home assignments. They go partying and in any other funfair activities forgetting that the weekend is only two days. It requires proper preparation to do a top-notch college essay. Starting early is therefore one of the strategies students should implement when they wish to do their college essays. The more time one has, the lesser the stress associated with deadlines. Nowadays most college professors prefer to have assignments through their e-mails.

This feature allows professors to check time in which students uploaded their papers. Having plenty of time prepares one to give the essay his/her best effort….

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Who Can Write My Essay for Money?

You may ask, “Who can write my essay for money?” Websites abound for writing papers for profit. However, as a student, you do not simply want someone to write an essay for you to submit for your course assignment. You want a quality essay that adheres to your teacher’s instructions and that is original, that is, non-plagiarized. Therefore, you must exercise some good judgment in what site you utilize for your writing needs.

First, visit the site offering essays for money. Does the site clearly state prices in relationship to the educational level of the buyer, the kind of service needed, cost per page, and time-frame for the order? Are you offered a free quote? In addition, does the service guarantee an original essay, free of plagiarism? Is there a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page? Under what circumstances can you receive a refund or request a revision? How is your order placed and paid for? What is the privacy policy? Finally, make certain that you are easily able to contact the service. Does it have an online chat feature with stated hours of access? Does it provide an email address and a toll-free number? Does it provide a physical address?…

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Critical Thinking Essay Tips

Writing a critical thinking essay is not the process of criticizing a person, piece of work, concept or opinion. It is rather your individual evaluation or response to a certain issue. For example, before you are to compose a critical thinking essay after reading a book, you will need to conduct a dialogue with the author and give an estimation of his work from your personal point of view. Thus, the critical thinking essay turns into an analytically written assignment and demands not only perfect writing and analysis skills, but critical thinking as well. You will need to express your own thoughts about a work of art, theory, phenomena, etc. and not simply state whether you have liked it or not. In addition, you must provide clear evidence supporting your point-of-view. Besides, it is important not to persuade the audience with your viewpoint. The angle from which you are looking at the topic is subjective, so the reader is free either to reject or accept your point-of-view….

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Essay Writing Tips

One of the most difficult thing students face during studying at College, High School or University is essay writing.

Here’s some useful essay writing tips that will surely help you to write an essay and get good grades:

1. When writing an essay – fill it up with fluff, less thinking for you, and more stuff to write about.

2. Don’t use your own ideas, use someone else’s, your friends or the internet.

3. Pick an easy topic.

4. When writing – wait for the last possible minute to start writing.

5. Try playing some music, and see where your thoughts are taken.

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How to Write a Great College Essay

January 28, 2008

When you are starting to write a college essay the first step is to plan your paper and determine what you are going to write about. All writers have trouble getting started. The best way to start writing your essay is to begin planning.

Inexperienced writers define planning as essentially a thinking activity. Being one of them, you most probably start with planning inside your head what you want to say, and then you copy your thoughts onto a piece of paper. Unfortunately, as you will discover, such planning usually produces two kinds of failure:

  1. you cannot think through everything you want to say before you write
  2. you cannot just transfer your thinking to writing.

In fact, planning is primarily a writing activity, as most experienced writers can testify. Although they admit that they do some planning before they write, they insist that they do their most productive plan after they have begun writing. For them, planning is not so much thinking and writing as it is thinking-in-writing. Try this on your own. Start to write your plan and don’t be afraid of any changes. When you write your college essay, your plan will become more and more evident.

There are different thoughts on writing a college level essay and people have different ideas on how to write a college essay. Principally, writing a paper for college is not a significant problem if you have a natural flair for writing. College students often get confused in their first college life when they get instructions from teachers to write a college essay. The reason is straightforward, they have now no prior experience, and they don’t know how to write a college essay. Some simple steps may be of great use for the students if they follow these with an object-oriented mind.

Write your topic on the first page and divide it into subtopics. Sub-topics are mainly subheadings and related issues that may appear in your completed essay as a finished product. It will give you a fair idea of main contents and thoughts involved. Now see what the quantity required for that specific essay is. The amount should be considered in a number of words but not of pages. A number of pages may change dramatically with a slight change in layout, font, borders, or theme of the project.

The next step is filling the contents of your proposed or planned materials. Always start from the main content idea or title discussion as it serves the purpose of an attention grabber for the reader. The more appropriate and impressive you prove here, more marks you get from your teacher in the evaluation. Writing main theme paragraph, in the beginning, is also a good idea as it serves the purpose of both attention grabber and idea demonstration. Whenever the problem occurs during writing, never hesitate to look around for more innovative approach and examples. The environment itself guides you on how to write a college essay. Students’ discussions, teachers’ opinion, evaluators’ comments and library’s resources; all can be a good source in writing a college essay.

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How to Write a Successful Essay

Successful essay requires specific purpose, core idea or subject, and writing skills. When you are starting to write your essay, define what is you main purpose for writing it.

You will write most effectively when you will be “writing with a purpose.” Inexperienced writers have difficulty writing with a …

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How to Succeed in Essay Writing

Precision, eloquence and a deep insight of the topic have for long been deemed as the standard for quality essay writing. Essay writing has been an art involving great dexterity and imagination. The flamboyance created by amalgamation of sentence fluency, organization and of course coherence of ideas is the key element to successful essay writing.

The hallmark of successful essay writing has always revolved around one key principle: Eloquence. A writer lacking the art of word jugglery has mostly vanquished due to insufficient proficiency. To succeed in essay writing; one has to have an insight of the subject as well as the comprehension of what he actually wants to emphasize. This would enable the writer to give a gist of coherence in expression of his thoughts. Deciding the topic that suits your style is obviously the first and most important step to successful essay writing. The topic should be framed to attract the attention at the first glance. The first two or three lines should be ardently mapped to lure the reader into delving through the whole length of the essay. Successful essay writing hinges on being more distinct, clear and interesting. The use of simple words and short sentences make the passage more comprehendible thereby preventing boredom. Slang must be avoided on all accounts. Truisms and Inanities must not be communicated. A passion for clichés will most probably resist your march to successful essay writing. All the propositions should be based on solid grounds; supported by adequate references. Use of mind map helps in recollection of ideas and refining the essay structure. In a well structured essay, a particular idea should be incorporated in a single paragraph. In order to be successful in essay writing all the paragraphs should be arranged logically. Moreover there should be a clear beginning, middle and an end. Paragraphs must be linked with each other to create an aura of continuity and enhance comprehension of the reader.

Conclusion must talk about the main theme and evaluate the whole topic. References must also be counterchecked to be in the right citation format. To be successful in essay writing one should work effectively towards eliminating grammatical mistakes that jeopardize the beauty of the essay. A good essay topic supported by a very impressive outlook to it might be nullified by grammatical errors.

All the expressions that create ambiguity must be avoided at all costs. The inherent trait in successful essay writing is demeanor in which it is written. A very skillfully written essay may count for little by the use of extremely pungent remarks and irking language.

The introductory paragraph should contain an overview or “a bird’s eye view” to the whole essay. It must represent the theme of the essay. The Main body then supports the argument given in the introductory passage, whilst the conclusion emphasizes certain propositions based on the theme. Successful essay writing always works on the principle of (PEE) i.e. Point, Example, Explain. Clarity and depth of the commentary are important parameters to successful essay writing. Quotations used to support an idea must directly relate to the theme or the question posed in the essay.

Lastly, you must sum up the discussion with an approach to elucidate whatever is argued in the topic. This must be supported with a solid dialogue and reasoning. An essay is not complete without substance no matter how ambidextrous the writer is. Successful essay writing accounts for all these traits that invariably enhance the quality of the essay.

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How to Improve Essay Writing Skills

1. Essay Title
The title of an essay is very important for it gives a reader the essence of what you are writing about hence helping for easy understanding because a reader would have formed an idea in his mind about what to anticipate. Incase now your essay title reads otherwise and you start talking about something else different then the essay would be totally irrelevant no matter how good the grammar is or the phrasing might be. Explaining very aspect of the title gives the reader a notion that the writer fully understands all those aspects he/ she is talking about hence captivating him to read more.

2. Consistency
Also another essential essay writing aspect so that writer may not drift away from what he was talking about initially and start another very different aspect which may also deviate into another aspect by the head of the essay. This inconsistence will make an essay’s reader lose his attention or interest of reading any further despite your well phrase grammar. The ideas should consistently follow each other so as to allow easy understanding of the topic explored by the writer.

3. Expression of Ideas and Content
This when an essay writer show the reader that he/she has full understanding of the topic he/she is talking about and the depth of the content that a writer doesn’t seem to run out of ideas before the essay is far from over hence resulting into beating about the bush or deviating from the real title hence falling a victim of the inconsistency. The content of what is written should clearly be examined.

4. Logic
A pattern of expressing ones ideas in a very logical way like creating suspense, intrigue and mystery hence captivating your essay reader to read your essay to the end without losing interest on the way and drop it or not getting the content of the essay because he didn’t pay much interest on it.

5. Readability
This is how clearly and fluently a reader can read your essay hence captivating him to read more and not to strain himself hard trying to comprehend what the essay writer was trying to mean hence making him not to get the real content of the essay or perhaps loose interest with the essay wholly.

6. Bibliographies and References
Bibliographies and references are useful to the reader of an essay so that he might want to make further reference on a certain content you had talked about or quoted in your essay. Bibliography is the books you’re referring to. They should be named and their page numbers quoted for easy reference by the essay reader which might save him much time and ado. Bibliography also helps the writer not to plagiarize his/her work.

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