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Writer’s Guide for a Persuasive Essay on Sports as a Social Institution

When you want someone with a generally stubborn and rigid mindset to agree with your point of view, you need a solid rhetoric technique known as persuasive writing. In this third and final writer’s guide for a persuasive essay on sports as a social institution, we explain how to write a persuasive essay in a way that persuades your audience by shaping your opinions to solidify and strongly support arguments. We’ve already covered some interesting facts in our 10 facts for a persuasive essay on sports as a social institution guide and provided you with 20 topics on the social aspect guide.

Now let’s begin the third guide.

Before you write:

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Academic Guide for an Evaluation Essay on The Spatial Order

In this third and final academic guide for an evaluation essay on the spatial order in human visual perception, we explain what an evaluation essay is, how it’s written and things that you should avoid in order to write the perfect essay that’ll leave your professor awestruck. Let’s get to it.

We also recommend that you refresh your memory by having a glance at our first guide, 10 facts on the spatial order in human visual perception, that highlighted some interested facts on the topic. We also provided you with topic ideas in the second guide titled 20 topics on the spatial order in human visual perception.

A Brief Introduction to the Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay helps demonstrate the (good or bad) quality of a particular object. It can be anything from books, products, program, business, place, services, films etc. While some people think that an evaluation essay includes opinions of the writer, this isn’t true and to the contrary. If an evaluation essay is written properly, it shouldn’t be opinionated. In fact, it should have an unbiased evaluation backed by reason….

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How to Strike a Good Compare and Contrast Essay on Social Psychology and Affluenza

The purpose of writing an essay tasked with comparing and contrasting two thought patterns or different sides of a coin, is to analyze the pros and cons of both sides. An excellent compare and contrast essay on social psychology and affluenza should make a solid argument for both concepts being compared in order to help your audience understand the differences and similarities they exhibit. Although writing such an essay can be time consuming and difficult for occasional writers, there are some tips anyone can use to draft something really good.

These tips will be provided here and broken down into simple concepts using examples that will make them easy to understand. So here are some important tips:…

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How to Write a Short Essay on Global Warming in World Climate Change

The general guidelines for writing a short essay are similar to that of writing your average essay. The only difference is that the essay must be short while also covering everything you intend to discuss regardless of its length. So when writing a short essay on global warming and human health in world climate change, it is important to start off with a catchy topic and discuss your stance or ideas in brief and precise manner.

You should also make use of important facts including those that can be found in this article on the top 10 facts on global warming and human health in world climate change. Here are some tips on achieving the precision a short essay requires….

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How to Outline a Response Essay on the Rite of Passage

This is the third and final guide in the series. If you haven’t had a look at our first guide on 10 facts on the rite of passage and the second one on 20 topics on the rite of passage, we highly recommend you read through those first.  Reading our complete series in the correct order will substantially assist you in writing a brilliant response essay.

Without further ado, here is how to write a response essay on your chosen subject:

Writing a book or essay requires professionalism and certain degree of formality in the writing. However, in a response essay, things are a little different. In this essay, what you actually do is review a book or article and discuss your personal perspective on it. It might sound a bit strange at first, but in a response essay you can use phrases like “I believe”, even though it is a formal assessment.

Response essays are all about the work you are observing, whether it’s a film, book, or artwork of some sort. One essential ingredient to add to this type of essay is your own personal opinion and impressions.

Here is what you have to do first before writing a response essay:

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3 Patterns to Organize Your Cause and Effect Essay on the Food Movement

September 30, 2016

Cause and effect essays answer the whats and whys of things that happen around us. You can take any topic into consideration and question why something happens and what are its effects on us or our surroundings.

Here are a few examples to consider:

  • Reasons of Using Computer Technology (Why we use computers?)
  • Effects of Eating Trans-Fat Foods (How these foods affect our health?)

Getting the idea?

Here are three ways to organize a cause and effect essay properly.

In order to have a good flow and readability in your writing, it is recommended that you structure your essay according to one of the three formats mentioned below:

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How to Write an Exemplification Essay on Myths and Religion

September 27, 2016

No one can write in a certain style he or she does not understand and any attempt to do that for an academic essay will definitely lead to failure. Therefore, any student assigned the task of writing an exemplification essay must first know the rules associated with such act and here is a brief explanation of what it entails. The term exemplification means to provide examples explaining something such as subject matter or topic. So an exemplification essay is one that attempts to make use of examples to prove a point about whatever is been written about.

The key to writing an excellent exemplification letter is ensuring that you pay attention to details by using enough examples including facts to support your arguments. For example, if writing on the topic of myth and religion using examples on how ancient mythology found its way into mainstream religion is a good way to show the ties between both terms. Also, note that the examples used must be good and detailed enough to explain your point. So, here are some important guidelines you could put to use when writing your exemplification essay on basically any topic….

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How to Be More Critical in Your Essay on Environmental Health

September 26, 2016

For those who have been assigned with the academic task of writing a critical essay, the following questions usually come to mind. What exactly does my teacher need me to do? What is my professor looking for? And what can I do to achieve maximum marks? The answer to these questions will be provided in the following paragraphs as well as tips on how to go about writing more critically on diverse subject matters such as environmental health and development.

A critical essay is relatively a brief written paper on a much discussed subject matter but in this case, you are expected to write something original, creative and analytical on a well-known subject according to your observations studying it. Therefore, a critical essay must make an original observation about any assigned subject matter while answering the question “why does my observation matter?”

So before providing tips on how to write a critical essay it is important to first understand the different formats in which a critical essay can be written. The first format is the:…

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How to Outline an Expository Essay on Alzheimer’s Disease

September 7, 2016

End of the line: this is the conclusion to our three-part guide on Alzheimer’s disease. The first part was 10 facts on Alzheimer’s disease for an expository essay, which helped you accumulate some solid research on all aspects of the disease.

The second part of the guide was 20 essay topics on Alzheimer’s disease, which must have proven highly useful in selecting a great topic. There was also a sample essay in that same guide to give you an idea about how to properly write an expository essay on the subject.

This final discusses how the writing process unfolds. Let’s get to it.

An expository essay on Alzheimer’s disease should have your own arguments and research. If you are quoting someone else’s research, you need to give readers your own take through comprehensive analysis.

Let’s look at how the structure works:

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How to Write a Deductive Essay on the Role of Music in Creativity

September 7, 2016

In the first of our guides, we discussed 10 facts on the role of music in creativity for a deductive essay, which was followed by the second one 20 topics on the role of music in creativity for a deductive essay. This final guide discusses what you need to take into account while writing the actual deductive essay on the role of music in creativity.

When your professor asks you to write a deductive essay on the role of music in creativity, the objective is to understand your knowledge on the subject. Deductive reasoning is dependent on a unique concept, which is developed through strong assumptions based on certain clues.

Deductive reasoning requires weighing in factors, comparing them with one’s knowledge and then drawing conclusions. To accomplish this, divide your essay in three parts:…

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