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How to Write an Analytical Essay on Cost & Management Accounting Reporting System

The analytical essay is often thought of as a summary of a piece of work or a topic but in reality it is an analysis, as the name would suggest. You want to prove something big about the work by studying smaller writing techniques used.


The introduction is where you make sure the reader is interested in your work. You need to have three components, as listed above in order to have an effective hook. This is comprised of a single sentence that tells your reader something interesting or something shocking. Many students prefer to introduce a startling statistic or open by asking the reader a rhetorical question. If you can include some controversy and relate that controversial idea to the remainder of your content, then the reader will be hooked.

The thesis is where you need to tell your reader the key point, or purpose to your work….

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How to Write a Cause Effect Essay on “Living Downstream” by Sandra Steingraber

December 24, 2015

Cause and effect essays are typically written from one perspective or the other, meaning you would write about a cause or an effect. The reason you are not often asked to write about both is that your space may be limited, and the topic may be broad. However, there are some cases where a teacher might grant you permission to write about both, or it is fitting to your topic to cover both in one essay.


If you are writing about both, the obvious organizational choice is to cover the causes of your topic in the first half of your paper, followed by the effects of your topic in the second (for the suitable topic check out our list of ideas on “Living Downstream”)….

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How to Write a Definition Essay on the Biocultural Approach to the Climate Change

December 23, 2015

If you are tasked with writing a definition essay on the biocultural approach to the climate change, your goal is to use the aforementioned topic and its contents in support of a unique definition of one word of your choosing (don’t forget to look at the suggested topics on the biocultural approach to the climate change). The word can be an abstract, broadly sweeping concept which you define based on the writings or book you have studied in class.

For example: you might want to define “sustainability”. This word is one which you are likely to come across in your readings multiple times, but is something tangentially related to the topic of climate change. When studying the climate change and its impact, you might reflect upon sustainable options for improvement in different biocultural areas, or how people can incorporate sustainable growth which mitigates the negative impact of climate change. But with that, your goal is to focus your entire essay on defining that single word in a unique fashion.

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How to Write an Exploratory Essay on the Nacirema Culture

December 23, 2015

Exploratory essays are a unique piece of academic writing because, as the name suggests, you are meant to explore new territory (academically speaking), examine a problem and find new ways to solve it. In that sense, your goal is to explore a unique aspect of something that you can improve upon or solve. Some points to remember:

  1. Your essay should really focus on a question or a problem, and not so much on a key idea.
  2. Your essay should analyze multiple solutions to the problem during your writing and in doing so, indicate the strong and weak points to each potential solution before concluding as to which one is best.
  3. Your essay should also be written in the form of an impromptu paper or a retrospective paper. The retrospective one is smoother but the impromptu one appears more natural.

This type of writing is a way for students to learn more about a concept on their own, something which juxtaposes having a teacher try and explain the topic in class. This is a chance for students to learn in a new and exciting way, in a way where they have complete control over the learning method and the content which is covered. Students are also forced to find active solutions….

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How to Write a Deductive Essay on Emma Larkin’s “Finding George Orwell in Burma”

December 18, 2015

Deductive essay writing is a form of essay writing which evaluates your knowledge of concepts. When writing such an essay, your piece must be based on the idea that a single concept in the form of a set of circumstances or a single concept in the form of different premises can be used from which to draw a reasonable assumption about what the current state of that situation is (for your deductive essay you can select a great topic by flicking trough the list based on “Finding Orwell in Burma” by E. Larkin). This is, essentially, a type of puzzle that has to be solved by the reader by giving them enough information.

For Example:
If your goal in the work is to show that the Burmese government committed human rights violations, you would want to take individual factors about the actions of the Burmese government and present them to the reader so that the reader can weigh each individual factor and their knowledge about each factor as an individual set of events or actions, then add the group of events or actions together, and from that, find a conclusion. The use of surveillance, torture, imprisonment, and death might be separate events or acts which the reader uses to conclude that the human rights violations took place.

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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay on Chinese Students’ Discrimination in the US

December 17, 2015

Cause and effect essays are a common writing task for students, one which forces students to often review either a cause or an effect, and not necessarily both in the same paper.

1) Writing about a Cause
If you are assigned, or opt personally, to write about a cause, your goal is to present what lies at the foundation or start of something. If you are writing about discrimination, then the cause of the discrimination would be anything that begets it, anything that is responsible for its start. This can be cultural differences, immaturity among school children or young children, a lack of knowledge or ignorance about another culture, feelings of inferiority, competition in the classroom or workplace, or even racial tendencies that were taught by parents or by specific aspects of culture like movies or books. You can select a good cause from the list of topics on Chinese students’ discrimination….

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How to Write a Research Essay on Applied Anthropology in Real Life

December 14, 2015

Writing a research essay is a more scientific rather than creative task, one which you will be assigned many times throughout the duration of your academic career. This type of writing is one which forces you to focus your efforts on the following:

1) Narrow down a Topic

The topic you select has to be something that you can cover in the span of pages or word count allotted to you. This is one of the most challenging items for students, as often the first topic selected is too broad. You cannot, for example, write about “the differences between Hmong and western medicine” in five pages; people have written books hundreds and thousands of pages in length and still not covered everything in this topic. You would instead, have to narrow it down to one aspect of medicine, or one area of conflict, such as the treatment of an infection with antibiotics versus herbal teas, or how effective some herbal remedies are to traditional ailments, even though they are not always sponsored by western doctors.

Note: You should search for something that is interesting to you if you can. The more passionate you are about the topic, the more that passion will flow through your work and the more your teacher will notice. Scan the topics we suggest, maybe you’ll find something you’ll write about….

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How to Write a Narrative Essay on Arranged Marriages in India

December 11, 2015

Writing a narrative essay fulfills one of the three main forms of writing tasks you will encounter during your academic career. The narrative is an opportunity for you to write a story about your personal life inside of which you draw a connection to the themes you are reviewing in the classroom. When reviewing the item of arranged marriages in India, it is incumbent upon you to search carefully for a topic from your personal life, a story or experience, that you can relate to the themes which are embodied in this cultural tradition. Being a young student likely means you have never been forced into marriage yourself, but perhaps you have been involved in a marriage, or seen a marriage personally fall apart when the two people involved are not in love. While arranged marriages may not be as prevalent across western countries today, there are still social stigmas for those who have children out of wedlock to marry, something which you might relate strongly to the themes presented in your classroom study….

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How to Write a Descriptive Essay on Canadian Food

Writing an essay on an unfamiliar topic is always hard; it is doubly hard when it comes to a descriptive essay. By definition, a descriptive essay is supposed to recount your own experience, perception or memory – and when you don’t have anything in your life to base the description on, the problem is obvious.

What are you supposed to do in such a situation? Imagine or make things up as you go along? Probably not – there is always an opportunity to say something silly, even if you do your research.

No, in this case it is better to stick to the facts and avoid talking as if you actually experienced what you are describing. Let’s take an example – you have to write a descriptive essay about Canadian food but you have never been to Canada, eaten any Canadian dishes, or given these dishes any thought whatsoever (that’s not a problem if you’ve already seen our interesting facts on Canadian food)….

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How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay on American Culture

A five paragraph essay is a standard essay which, once learned, serves as the foundation for all other forms of writing. This format is important to learn because it will help to structure nearly all academic writing assignments going forward.

To begin a five paragraph essay, you need a topic. In some cases, your teacher will give you one, in others they may allow you some leeway in the selection of your topic. With the topic in hand, you need to formulate a thesis statement. The thesis functions as a single statement which presents the purpose of your paper. It should be the first or last sentence in your introductory paragraph which is where you will introduce the points you are going to make in support of your thesis. There are three body paragraphs inside of which you can present three key components to support your thesis. If, for example, you are claiming that American culture has changes a lot, you must present three key findings each in a separate paragraph to support that idea. You might explain it on the example of music in the first paragraph, art in the second paragraph, and cinematography the third paragraph. The conclusion is the fifth and final paragraph where you remind the reader of the three points you made and what evidence you had to back them up….

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