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How to Write a Case Study on Prehistoric Art

July 28, 2016

Writing is an art form that takes time to perfect and the more difficult a subject matter is, the harder it becomes to draft something interesting or fun concerning on that subject matter. But before you throw the baby with the bathwater, let if first be said that prehistoric art as a subject matter does not fall into the difficult category.

In fact, prehistoric art explores the lives, culture and artistic abilities of our forefathers and for anyone who loves history or is a bit curious about how humans became proficient at creating art, this subject will prove to be something you will definitely be overjoyed to explore and create a presentation about. Also, do not forget that we are here to help and would be dedicating this article to provide you with a guide or tutorial on drafting an accurate case study on prehistoric art….

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20 Easy Case Study Topics on Prehistoric Art

July 28, 2016

Prehistoric art is one of the interesting essay subject matters out there due to the history and stories behind how our forefathers discovered art. Prehistoric art covers the time period before human literacy when art was the only form of communication and was also used as a medium of worship. And here is a brief introduction to Prehistoric art and the era that birthed it.

Prehistoric art refers to the first art forms created by humans, Homo erectus, before and after the Stone Age approximately 500,000 years ago. Archeological findings show that these art forms evolved over time from the first scratches on cave walls using animal bones to more advanced paintings and drawings using blow pipes and feathers. The art works of the Prehistoric are also divided into three sections according to the era they were created in order to study and better understand the motives that drove prehistoric artist to create art. These sections are the lower, middle and upper Paleolithic era and they occurred 40,000 to 500,000 years ago. Now, that the subject matter of prehistoric art has been introduced, this article will not attempt to go into the details of prehistoric art but will provide students with cool topics on this subject matter. So in that vein, here are 20 easy case study topics covering prehistoric art….

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10 Facts on Prehistoric Art for a Case Study

July 28, 2016

Before going into the details of the facts to provided here, it is important for us to explore the times before history was actively recorded by discussing the meaning of the word ‘prehistoric’. The term prehistoric literally means ‘before history’ and it covers the thousands of years before the ancestors of man discovered writing. In prehistoric ages, Homo sapiens made use of art as the only written medium for transferring their thoughts for the sake of posterity. Prehistoric art forms are divided into three distinct eras which are:

  • The Lower Paleolithic: which occurred 500,000 years ago and defines the period when the only art forms of Homo erectus were scratches on cave walls using animal bones.
  • The Middle Paleolithic: this occurred 50,000-100,000 years ago and by then, man had discovered how to draw and paint crudely.
  • The Upper Paleolithic: occurred 10,000-50,000 years ago and is defined as the period man began to paint as well as create figurines and other items for domestic use.

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Case Study on Bond Industry Technology

November 18, 2011

Bond Industry Technology (Preliminary analysis of BIT’s Enterprise Architecture)
From a wide perspective of what is actually the business structure of BIT, there are numerous problems which require analyzing and correcting. However, when we look at this scenario, there are so many variable required for BIT to meet its required goals. The business structure is more complex and thus, it may be addressed at a later time. Business wise Plastik strategic goals are not being met due to the fact that the fragmented structure of BITA will not allow any form of Encouragement Corporation between the Bus.

Contrary to this, the senior management at BITA have come have been concerned with the fact that their decisions are being made on a month old data. There is a rising need for accurate and timely data, and this matter is pressing more since offices were opened interstate and overseas and time zone appears to be different between NZ, Sydney, Perth and Germany. There also appears to be a problem in data exchange and report preparation is also a problem. Compounding on this, it has been found that customer handling or branch enquiries is also a problem since the window for BITA to receive data and work on divisional data or respond to enquiries can be as short as 3-4 hours per day.

These are mainly the two problems that are affecting BIT and thus for Plastik to be able to meet its targets, them both of this problems have to be solved….

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Case Study on Health Education

November 15, 2011

Sample case study on Health Education:
Explain how “health literacy” relates to Healthy People 2020.
Health literacy is having the capacity to process and understand basic health information, and applying this information when making health-related decisions. The responsibility of communicating health information is placed on health professionals and the general public expects them to communicate in plain language which is easily understood. When technical jargons are used, most people are unable to adopt the recommendations which are being put forward by health professionals.

The main objective of Healthy People 2020 is to improve the general health of Americans. Besides strengthening the current health policies, Healthy People 2020 also wants to increase the proportion of the population which engages in healthy behaviors. Unless health literacy is improved, the objective mentioned above would no be achieved. There exists a gap of knowledge between the health professionals and the public. The health professionals posses the critical information need to promote health living while the public does not have this information; they rely on the professionals to advice them. Therefore the hunger for information already exists and the impetus is on the health professionals to furnish the public with easily understandable information….

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