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Perfect Recipes For A+ Papers from the Best Food Bloggers

We all know the stress and sometimes the feeling of impending doom that can accompany an upcoming exam. How many times have you just made the situation worse by cramming a semester’s worth of studying into two or three all-night sessions? The stress and the lack of sleep are not good for your intellectual capacities or your GPA.

Now is the time to start thinking about taking care of your #1 tool for success – your brain. You can boost your mental power and your test performance by fueling your brain with the right foods.

Want to know the best superfoods to load up on before the next big exam? Here they are….

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10 Facts for an Article Review on Social Science and Crime Prevention

October 18, 2016

The increased crime rate in the western world has been a source of concern to governments, criminologists and socially aware citizens for decades. Using the United States as an example, the number of felonies and non-violent crimes has continued to spiral out of control and this has led to high incarceration numbers in the US. The process of rehabilitation using jail time has also been ineffective as a high number of individuals who have served time in prison end up being re-incarcerated for one violation or the other while on parole.

Therefore, these failures have led to society looking for alternatives to first prevent crime before the issue of rehabilitation comes up. Social science has played a huge role in studying crime, incarcerations and its effects in order to develop prevention tactics that will prove useful in reducing incarceration rates in the long run. This article will provide some facts on social science and crime prevention which you can use for literature reviews if writing on the topic of today. Note that this is the first part of a series of articles covering the subject matter of crime prevention. Therefore, you should read up on the 20 social science essay topics on crime prevention if looking for essay ideas to write on….

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Article Review on Marketing Ethics

October 18, 2011

Article Review on Marketing Ethics:
Marketing is one of the most important strategies towards the growth of a company. Most business people and marketers are coming up with strategic ways in which they can sell their products to different consumers in a given region. This has led to the need for close focus on ethnic minority groups especially in the United States where there are different ethnic communities. Ethnic marketing is all about a marketer or business person using marketing strategies aimed at attracting a particular ethnic group. With the big numbers of ethnic minority groups in major countries in the world especially in the US, marketers have to develop their marketing strategies to incorporate these other communities since they are part of the larger market. This has grown over time leading to focus on African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians among others since marketers have realized that most of the expenditure is from the ethnic groups thus a need to make them feel more recognized and appreciated by the companies. This is an analysis on the article, ‘Ethnic Marketing: McDonald’s is Lovin’ It’…

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