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Steven is an IT student who constantly seeks new opportunities for self-development. He is also fond of popular culture and entertainment. Lately, Steven has started writing about the challenges he faces as a student. He finds it helpful to brainstorm when difficult tasks arise.
culture shock

Beware! International Student Culture Shock

Have you ever found yourself in a completely unfamiliar cultural situation, feeling overwhelmed and intimidated?  If you are an international student who is considering studying abroad or has recently moved...
zoom apps for students

13 Best Zoom Apps Every Student Must Use

Between video conferences and online assignments, it can be difficult to navigate the world of distance learning. Zoom is becoming an increasingly popular platform for managing digital classrooms, but if...
trends in education abroad

What is the Future of Education Abroad?

As the world rapidly evolves, we gain knowledge and acquire new skills. As a result, abroad studies are quickly becoming a desirable avenue for many seeking international study programs, offering...