Ann Arbor Charity Map for Those Students Who Care

Contribution to the community is exceptionally popular in Ann Arbor and every year more and more students get involved into the variety of charitable activities. If you are still not one of those engaged and courageous people but consider it as an option, we are happy to guide you. First of all, let’s start with the benefits you get being involved into charity programs:

  • It’s a chance to meet new exciting people. Those who take up charity works usually do it out of their free will – it implies that they are self-conscious, intelligent and peculiar personalities. For you it means that you may get acquainted with individuals who might lead you to new perspectives in your life, open up a different world outlook for you or make your days much more exciting.
  • You can change the impression about Millennials. You belong to the generation (16-24 years old) with the lowest charitable rates among other groups – only 42% of people of your age participate in charity activities. But you can join the ranks and change the situation by inspiring others.
  • You can acquire new skills. When you volunteer for something, you might take part in different activities like event organizations, marketing campaigns, etc., and this experience may be very useful for your future.
  • This is a good line in a resume. Employers love young people who are into charity and volunteering. This background proves that you are helpful and reliable as well as not afraid of new experiences.
  • The feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming. Charity works can’t be overestimated when it comes to how you feel while helping others free of charge. They grant you a sense of purpose, and you start to understand that you are not a drop in the ocean – you are a person who can make a difference.

Got all inspired and motivated to find a charity organization and apply? Easy-peasy – although being a small town, Ann Arbor doesn’t have a shortage of such communities. You have a chance to see it for yourself: check out our Ann Arbor charity map and find a suitable spot for a student like yourself.

Avalon Housing

Help a gardening team to make the town you live in even more beautiful or to grow foods for those who need them. You may also assist school children in doing homework at Pauline Community or Carrot Way centers. Also, volunteering for Avalon Housing, you can participate in seasonal works or fundraising events.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

This is a wonderful organization that allows little fellas to receive support from Big Sisters or Big Brothers who are people spending with needy children some time twice a month – they can take little ones to movies, visit different places with them or just show care and love. You can become one of those people and make someone’s world better!

Friends in Deed

Help others whenever you have free time: aid in transporting furniture, event organization or fundraising occasions, servicing help lines, etc. This community has a lot of various opportunities for young people, so you’ll have a wide range of choice.

Ann Arbor Public Schools

Our educational system has quite a few gaps, but you are the one who can help fill them in. If you’re good at one or several disciplines, you can help children at schools come to grips with complex topics or something that is just difficult for them. Use your talents properly!

Catholic Social Services

Here there is such a diversity of services you can provide that you can do something new every day! You can deliver your assistance to children, adults and seniors, whole families even, in different forms. Just go to the official website and apply to as many programs as you desire.

These are the most popular charity organizations in Ann Arbor and its suburbs, but there are dozens more – it’s all the matter of Internet surfing for an hour or two. So, think whether a charity is an activity you would like to devote some of your time to, and go do great things! Believe us, you’ll never forget the feelings it brings.

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