AI Essay Writing Assistants: A Comprehensive Comparison

AI essay writing tool

Essay writing has become much easier today due to the popularization of AI tools that provide students with unique and pleasing experiences, making this process less complicated and stressful. Have you tried to use any AI essay writing tools to write papers for your college or university? If so, you’re definitely aware of the advantages these tools provide for essay writing. If you haven’t tested any AI essay writing tools yet, it’s highly recommended to explore various AI essay writers to understand their pros and cons and realize how they can simplify the writing process. Let’s focus on some AI essay writing assistants and compare their features to determine which one is the most suitable for academic writing.

Key Tips on How to Use AI Essay Writers

AI essay writers significantly facilitate the writing process, providing students with creative ideas and allowing them to realize what aspects to discuss in their papers. However, it’s better to avoid perceiving AI essay writing tools as a writing source that will write text for you. Most colleges and universities check essays for plagiarism and AI-generated content, so copying and pasting the text created by AI tools can cause a violation of academic integrity.

  • Remember that AI tools should provide you with new thoughts and ideas. Use AI essay writing tools to analyze the topic from multiple perspectives and include the points you haven’t considered rather than merely submitting the text provided by artificial intelligence. AI tools can work as an excellent source of inspiration: even if you don’t know what you should write in your essay, these tools will definitely give you several ideas you can use as a starting point.
  • Remember about editing and proofreading. Most AI essay writing tools require you to specify the topic and the preferred word count and promise they will care for the rest. However, don’t forget that AI tools are not perfect, so grammar and punctuation issues are widespread in AI-generated content. Moreover, texts provided by such tools frequently lack logic and coherence, explaining why thorough proofreading and editing are integral parts of using AI essay writing tools.
  • Use the tools you trust: they should simplify the writing process. If you want to use AI tools effectively, choose the most appropriate software for you, specify the topic of your essay, indicate the necessary word count, and wait for the result. If you are satisfied with the overall quality of generated content, paraphrase the text to make AI detection systems unable to find the parts created by artificial intelligence, check grammar and punctuation in your paper, and submit it.
  • Try entering various requests related to your topic. AI essay writing tools can generate different content based on your request. Use the features of AI tools to enhance your essay, but avoid relying on them to write papers for you.
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Analysis of Accuracy and User-Friendly Interface

If you haven’t used any AI essay writing tools before, you can enter the world of AI tools with This software’s user-friendly interface and accuracy in content generation encourage students from various countries to choose this tool when writing an essay. Let’s have a look at the software’s interface:

ai essay writing assistants requires users to indicate multiple details to create the most appropriate content depending on the specified requirements. Although many AI essay writing tools expect learners only to give the topic of their writing, recognizes the following points as defining your essay’s quality:

  • the topic of your paper
  • type of essay (essay, term paper, research paper, book review, annotated bibliography, case study, and others)
  • discipline (management, social sciences, mathematics and economics, creative writing, and others)
  • the number of pages (you can choose up to four pages)
  • detailed paper instructions

The interface of the software is easy to understand and use, and this real-time collaboration provides learners with an essay on any topic within a few minutes. As soon as you fill in all the sections, wait nearly 30 seconds to let automatically download the paper to your device. Most AI essay writing tools show the content generated by AI directly in their systems, while creates Word Document files; your task is to press the button and get a ready file to submit.

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Evaluation of the key features and ratings of

The primary features of include accuracy in content generation, a user-friendly interface, adaptive language style, provision of finished files, and the ability to add sources to an essay. Unfortunately, the sources may be a bit outdated, and the formatting is imperfect, which proves the necessity of careful proofreading and editing.

This software is one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use AI tools, explaining why many students worldwide choose it when they need coherent and high-quality essays. Have you ever thought about the importance of the accuracy of the generated content? has taken care of this aspect, explaining why this software focuses on providing accurate and relevant papers. Although collaboration with may be quite useful, you should avoid simply copying and pasting the text since this activity may cause multiple academic issues.

Using Essay Writing Toolkit by Exceptional Writing Quality

AI essay writer by is another software worth your attention: its well-developed, user-friendly interface, diverse writing styles, and real-time collaboration will impress you from the first minute of use. All the sections you need to fill in are accompanied by short descriptions that help users understand what exactly they should specify to receive the best final version of their essay. Let’s check the interface of AI essay writer:

ai essay writer

Filling in this form will take only a few minutes, and the accuracy of the AI-generated content depends on the number of details and specific requirements you provide. The critical features of the collaboration with AI essay writer include the following:

  • Choose from a wide range of subjects; the essay you receive will be based on your chosen discipline.
  • Specify the topic that will become the title of your paper.
  • Create a “Description” section for your ideas, requirements, and other details critical to your essay.
  • Select up to four pages of writing (however, the developers of AI essay writer are improving this section, so there is a high probability that this tool will provide more options in the near future).

Let’s review the content AI essay writer offers based on the topic specified in the screenshot above:

content AI essay writer

What are the strengths of AI essay writer by

The quality and accuracy of the content impress at first glance: AI essay writer strictly follows fundamental academic requirements and uses a generally accepted essay structure – an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The software’s user-friendly interface, real-time collaboration, and content accuracy should be perceived as its critical strengths.

Sentiment analysis of the content generated by AI essay writer demonstrates that the software considers defining aspects of teenagers’ development and provides an essay that concentrates on practical approaches to educating adolescents based on their specific features. Although the AI essay writer asks how many references are needed, the content generated by this AI tool lacks sources.

The overall quality of the essay provided by AI essay writer is exceptional. The variety of options allows students to specify all the necessary details and receive an essay following all the requirements.

Review of the GoodAI: Unique Features and Functional Experience

AI essay writing tools frequently focus on generating content from scratch based on the topic and instructions users give. The uniqueness of the Good AI is determined by a variety of features students can choose. Let’s have a look at the interface of the initial page of the Good AI:

AI essay writing tools

The tool not only generates content but also creates an outline and even continues your writing. Its user-friendly interface makes using the Good AI more comfortable, and short descriptions under features help to choose the correct options and increase the software’s overall usefulness. The Good AI can write an essay entirely if you specify your topic, word count, and type of paper. The free version limits the word count to 150 words, though, in fact, you will receive a 200-250-word essay.

TheGood AI write an essay

Important considerations for using the Good AI

The overall quality of writing is not perfect since the Good AI tends to generate short sentences and different paragraph sizes. However, it can become an excellent source of inspiration, showing you what aspects can be discussed in your essay. Other features offered by the Good AI can also considerably simplify the writing process.

If you want to write an essay on your own but lack ideas to be analyzed in your writing, ask the Good AI to create an outline for you and write a paper based on this draft.

If you have already written some parts and cannot figure out what to add to your text, ask this AI tool to “expand” your writing. A wide range of features provided by this software will simplify your writing process at any stage. Do you need more ideas related to your topic, or are you too tired to continue writing? Collaboration with the Good AI will make the writing process enjoyable since you will face fewer challenges and write your essay quickly.

Short Outcomes of Comparing Other AI Writing Tools: Smodin,, and

Smodin is one of the most popular AI writing tools today since it’s easy to use and has numerous features, including a summarizer, which can summarize the text you provide, a plagiarism checker, paraphrasing, and others. Its interface is somewhat similar to the ChatGPT interface, and this fact may explain why students quickly understand how to use this software. However, let’s remember that ChatGPT is more appropriate for answering multiple questions rather than writing an essay since it lacks accuracy and tends to deliver content that will be highlighted as AI-generated. Here you can see what Smodin looks like:

popular AI essay writing tools

Smodin works like a chat with AI where you can enter your requests, and it will provide answers to your questions. This collaboration enables users to find answers to any questions quickly and easily. Moreover, the sentiment analysis shows that the software provides the answers from your point of view, while your responsibility is to form a correct request. This AI tool’s primary features include an adequate interface and adaptive language style, which can change depending on your question. Since accuracy in content generation is a pretty controversial topic, it’s always better to check whether the facts provided by the software are relevant.

writing an essay is another popular AI tool that allows you to enjoy the following features: an essay generator, text summarizer, and outline generator. This platform provides diverse writing styles based on your request and accuracy in content generation, as it supports most facts with high-quality evidence. This AI tool’s user-friendly interface makes the collaboration with the software clear and comfortable. essay generator

The sentiment analysis of proves its capacity to analyze the discussed topic from multiple perspectives depending on users’ requests. This AI tool’s critical advantages include the accuracy of the information, user-friendly options, and the possibility to add sources that support the ideas discussed in the content, though sometimes these sources may be outdated. is another helpful AI tool that provides a good essay according to users’ requests. This software’s critical features differentiating it from other AI tools involve the requirement to specify your academic level, allowing to generate content based on your level, and the absence of options in the “type of essay” section, enabling you to select any type. encourages users to write their ideas, ensuring that this user-friendly tool will consider their thoughts when generating an essay. Although the overall collaboration is effective, the content lacks references, so you’ll need to add them yourself.

Evaluating AI tools for specific writing needs: Findings and recommendations

Smodin,, and have different features, proving that it’s better to choose AI depending on your needs. Do you feel more comfortable when using AI in chat format? If so, you should definitely consider Smodin, which will answer any questions immediately, allowing you to overcome multiple academic challenges.

If you need AI that can include sources for the generated content, remember about This software will be beneficial for you in such cases since it may add articles and books to an essay to support the discussed arguments.

Many learners are afraid of being caught when using AI since their teachers argue that the papers students submit don’t match their academic level. If you belong to this group, you should try using This tool not only considers your academic level and provides content that follows your knowledge level but also can write a paper on any essay type, while your task is only to provide the correct requirements. tool

Let’s remember that each AI tool is unique and may be helpful and beneficial in particular conditions. Although it’s impossible to determine the best generative AI for academic writing, you can try using various tools and choose the one that meets your expectations and needs.

AI Essay Writing Tools: FAQ

1. How do I choose the right AI essay writing tool for my needs?

Try to focus on the following aspects when choosing the AI tool for your needs:

  • Use a few AI tools and determine what interface is the most comfortable for you.
  • Ask different tools to generate the content on the same topic and check each text’s accuracy, relevance, and coherence.
  • Try to check these texts using AI detection systems to analyze potential risks and select the tool where the percentage of AI-generated content is the lowest.
  • Check what tools can add sources to an essay generated by AI.
  • Choose an AI tool that meets all the requirements discussed above.

2. Can I trust the accuracy of AI-generated content?

Although AI tools mainly provide relevant and accurate information, it’s better to check the content’s accuracy to prevent low scores for the papers. Remember that AI tools are not perfect and can make some mistakes, while your task is to ensure the accuracy and quality of your essay.

3. Are these AI tools suitable for academic writing?

These tools can simplify the writing process, but it’s better to avoid using them as the only source of essay writing. Don’t forget that the content generated by AI is detectable, while a high percentage of AI-generated text in your paper can be recognized as a violation of academic integrity. Try to use these tools as a source of inspiration to consider new ideas or analyze the topic from multiple perspectives. It’s always a good idea to paraphrase the content provided by AI, add some sources, check the essay’s quality, and proofread and edit the content to submit a high-quality paper.

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