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Archive for January, 2019

How to get rid of stress when pedantism gives you a hard time

how to get rid of stress

A piece of paper is not much but just enough to keep your mind in balance.

Our common sense says there is nothing wrong about being precise and attentive to details. These are qualities that help us detect problems before they appear and to address them right away. On the downside, this natural pedantry makes us overly concerned with things that are not important at the moment. Some of them may never be. Still, we continue sacrificing our nerves and energy to keep things in perfect order. At the end of the day, all we have is agitation and disappointment, as negative thoughts arise automatically and grow like a snowball….

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How to stay productive and avoid distractions while studying

stay productive while studying

In the face of everyday lectures, workshops, extracurriculars, and tons of homework, procrastination remains our greatest problem. Students’ enthusiasm for doing nothing is actually impressive.

Have any projects to complete by the end of the week? You put them off until Sunday night. Have a paper to submit tomorrow? You go write it but check out your Facebook notifications first. Whatever happens, you seem to do anything but what you really need to get done.

All of us get trapped in a situation like this, and here we offer you some solutions to this distraction mania….

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Library rules and regulations no one told you about

library rules and regulations

There are some unspoken rules each student should stick to while in a public or campus library. They might forget to talk to you about them in your sisterhood or brotherhood, but don’t worry. After all, I’m here to help you. See the recommendations below to make sure you fit in student life from the first day you’re in college….

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