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20 Essay Topics on Environment Health and Development for a Critical Essay

Before delving into today’s topic, it’s best we understand what the environment means and why its health is so important to human development and the earth’s entire ecosystem. The environment is everything—both indoors and outdoor—around us. It is made up of the air we breathe, the food we consume, the parks we visit, your workspace as well as your relaxation spots. Therefore, land, the atmospheres and the world’s rivers and oceans are how make up the environment.

Since we reside in the earth’s environment, it is important to note everything that affects us both negatively and positively in order to reduce the negatives while maximizing the positives which make the topic on environmental health quite important to the human race. Therefore, this article will focus on helping everyone interested in writing critically on environmental health and development with the needed assistance to write in an effective manner that will pass your message across in a succinct manner to your intended audience….

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10 Facts on Environmental Health and Development for a Critical Essay

September 26, 2016

Writing critical essays on environmental health and its effects on development is a task that could be assigned to just about anyone pursuing a degree in a higher institution of learning. Therefore, it is important to arm yourself with enough ammunitions—facts and figures—concerning the subject of environmental health and here, we will attempt to put together 10 important facts on it.

To kick-start the learning process, here is an academic definition of environmental health and development. Environmental health is the science that studies the effect of civilization, culture, personal habits, pollution, population growth and travel on human health as well as the development of the human community. The study takes into account a variety of parameters and factors that lead to acquired or congenital diseases among humans. The data provided for acquired diseases covers the illnesses humans acquire from harmful chemicals, pollution and pathogenic elements while that for congenital diseases covers genetic issues contained in the human DNA. Therefore, a study on environmental health focuses more on acquired diseases and the role the environment plays in our healthy or unhealthy situation….

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How to Improve Your MLA Bibliography Online

September 8, 2016

MLA bibliography onlineWriting bibliography for a college paper can be nerve-racking. The process is overwhelming and the formatting – particularly MLA – is too detailed. It’s literally impossible for a student to know the rules of the style by heart. Thank God the internet was invented! Believe it or not, there are online tools that can help improve your MLA bibliography. It’s all about making smart choices. Here are some guidelines you might want to take into consideration.

Look for Online Guides on MLA Formatting

 There are lots of sources online that you can use to format your bibliography in MLA. Free Citation Generator provides students with excellent tools to perform an ethical and credible research. It offers advice on how to cite papers in MLA, including books, chapters from books, encyclopedias, journals and more. Go to Free Citation Generator and it will help you make any source a correct citation for your paper’s bibliography section, and get to know more about MLA by checking out the quick guide available. Another credible website students should check out is Purdue OWL. Stay updated with the newest changes of the MLA format and use the site as guidance for your bibliography; it will help you cite books with one or more authors, but also websites, journals, newspapers and more….

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How to Organize Your Thesis Bibliography Avoiding Typical Mistakes

September 8, 2016

thesis bibliographyMany students make mistakes when writing bibliography for their thesis. Some don’t bother learning the formats, whereas others find it really difficult to understand them: MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago. Theses are papers based on research, which can often exceed 60 pages. That being said, it’s only natural for even the most devoted student to make mistakes when including bibliography.

Getting it right the first time is tough, but not impossible. Here are some useful guidelines on how to write a thesis bibliography without making the most common mistakes….

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Importance of Bibliography in Research Paper for Your Academic Success

September 8, 2016

bibliography in research-paperThere’s great value in writing an informative and detailed bibliography for your research paper. Why are bibliographies so useful when conducting research for a paper? Well, because they’re a sensible way of locating quality material on a subject. All students crave for academic success; and yet, only the smartest will attain it. That’s because smart students understand that bibliography is fundamental when writing essays, theses or dissertations. A detailed bibliography will make your work stand above the crowd.

Look for Bibliographies That Can Provide Value for Your Paper

One of the best things you can do to make sure your essay is qualitative is to look for valuable bibliographies. The most useful are at the bottom of well-researched papers that have been already published. These might offer insight into a subject that caters to your subject in particular, therefore they shouldn’t be overlooked. The greatest benefit of a bibliography is that it offers valuable information, thus reducing the mechanical and tedious part of performing research mechanically. Basically, you won’t have to struggle to search through databases and indexes for reliable information for your paper….

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7 Wholesome Ideas for Annotated Bibliography to Make an Upgrade of Your Skills

September 8, 2016

ideas-for-annotated-bibliographyWiring an annotated bibliography for a college paper can be challenging, and most students already know that. You can’t rush the process because you risk making a lot of mistakes. After working a whole semester on a paper you don’t want to end up with a bad grade just because you’ve missed a comma or formatted the name of an author incorrectly. You deserve more! Believe it or not, now you can learn to cite sources without losing precious time. Upgrade your skills and check out the following ideas for annotated bibliography. They will help you hone your current skills and have a polished, well-crafted annotated bibliography from top to bottom….

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How to Write Bibliography for a Project in Chicago Style

September 8, 2016

chicago style bibliographyOrganizing your bibliography in the Chicago format can be challenging. After writing a 30-page research paper, essay or thesis, you certainly don’t want to spend another couple of hours struggling with adding bibliography in the Chicago format only to realize at the end, you’ve done it wrong.

There are two documentation systems presented by the Chicago Manual: author-date and notes & bibliography. Selecting one usually depends on the matter of your subject and nature of your sources. Note that the two systems are different. The style targeting bibliography is commonly used in literature, arts and history because it offers bibliographic information. Even though learning how to write bibliography for a project seems a little tedious, it can be done perfectly by adhering to several, very basic guidelines….

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20 Topics on Worker’s Remittance for a 5 Paragraph Essay

If you are tasked with writing your next 5 paragraph essay on worker’s remittance, you might struggle to find an appropriate topic. It is for this reason that a handful of potential topics are listed below:

  1. Why Are Migrant Remittances the External Sources of Capital among Developing Countries in a Region of Your Choosing
  2. How Migrant Remittances Grow in Spite of Falling Capital Market Flows/Foreign Direct Investments
  3. How Remittances Compensate Human Capital Loss for a Developing Country of Your Choosing
  4. Determinants of Remittances in an Area of Your Choosing
  5. Transfer Channels Used for Workers Remittances in an Area of Your Choosing
  6. Methods Used to Estimate Workers Remittance Flows
  7. Costs of International Money Transfers on Fund Transfer Markets in an Area of Your Choosing
  8. Effects of Remittances on Inequality in an Area of Your Choosing
  9. Growth and Balance of Workers Remittance Payments in an Area of Your Choosing
  10. Performance Based Pay’s Impact on Remittances in an Area of Your Choosing
  11. Why Workers Remittances Move Counter-Cyclically with GDP in an Area of Your Choosing
  12. Behavior of Workers Remittance Flow in an Area of Your Choosing
  13. Countries Where Workers Remittances Are the Largest Source of Financing
  14. Why Are Workers Remittances Unilateral Transfers
  15. How Workers Remittances Mitigate Future Liabilities like Profit Transfers
  16. Factors Which Motivate Worker’s Remittance
  17. How Parallel Reductions of Remittances Can Deepen Financial Crises
  18. How Parallel Reductions in Workers Remittances Can Reduce Credibility of a Recipient Country of Your Choosing
  19. How Reductions in Workers Remittances Can Contribute to Economic Instability
  20. Impact of NAFTA on Mexican Workers Remittances

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How to Outline an Expository Essay on Alzheimer’s Disease

September 7, 2016

End of the line: this is the conclusion to our three-part guide on Alzheimer’s disease. The first part was 10 facts on Alzheimer’s disease for an expository essay, which helped you accumulate some solid research on all aspects of the disease.

The second part of the guide was 20 essay topics on Alzheimer’s disease, which must have proven highly useful in selecting a great topic. There was also a sample essay in that same guide to give you an idea about how to properly write an expository essay on the subject.

This final discusses how the writing process unfolds. Let’s get to it.

An expository essay on Alzheimer’s disease should have your own arguments and research. If you are quoting someone else’s research, you need to give readers your own take through comprehensive analysis.

Let’s look at how the structure works:

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20 Essay Topics on Alzheimer’s Disease

This is the second part of our three-part guide. We are sure that the previous part 10 facts on Alzheimer’s disease for an expository essay proved to be very helpful in gathering research on the subject. It’s now time to assist you in locking on a single topic.

There is just so much information to be found on Alzheimer’s disease and we understand it must be like picking a needle in a haystack. However, take a read at the topic suggestions below; we’ll tell you what to expect next. There’s also a sample essay waiting for you at the end of this guide.

Here are 20 expository essay topics on Alzheimer’s disease:

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