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14 Facts on Arranged Marriages in India for a Narrative Essay

December 11, 2015

If you are writing an essay on arranged marriages in India, you need to base your narrative in something related to your life and experiences. To do that, having some facts might make the work a bit easier. Remember too that these should only help to guide the direction of your narrative essay, but that the true substance of the work should revolve around your personal stories or experiences.

Below are 14 great facts about the topic which can help you along the way:

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How to Write a Critical Essay on the Dangers of Antibiotics

December 11, 2015

A critical essay is, as the name would imply, a critical piece of writing. With this unique writing task, you want to analyze your text, or your article, or film. If your teacher has reviewed an article in class about the harms that are associated with antibiotics, or you read a book on how people today are building immunity, then you would want to focus on this precise text. Your goal here would be to present an examination or critique of one part of the text, or the whole text itself, or even to situate the text in the context of the bigger picture. If you are, for example, writing your paper on a popular book, you might critically analyze the tone of the book and how the tone influences the overall meaning. If you watched a documentary on antibiotics, you might provide a critical analysis on one of the main symbols, themes, or the music used in the documentary and how that shaped the reception of it….

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20 Excellent Topics on the Dangers of Antibiotics for a Critical Essay

How often have you been given a task to write a critical essay, only to find out that you don’t have the slightest idea of how to approach the task at hand? You seem to have everything you need at your disposal, but not a single thought comes to mind – does this situation look familiar?

So, if you have to write an essay about antibiotics and possible dangers associated with their use and misuse, feel free to take one of the topics we’ve prepared for you:

  1. Short-Term and Long-Term Adverse Effects of Antibiotics
  2. Antibiotics and Their Role in Disturbing Natural Gut Microflora
  3. Antibiotics as the Primary Cause of Bacterial Drug Resistance
  4. Antibiotics and Their Influence on Increasing the Healthcare Costs
  5. Antibiotics and Their Side-Effects
  6. Do Antibiotics Increase the Risk of Allergy?
  7. Antibiotics and Their Influence on Human Immune System
  8. Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics and Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome
  9. Can Antibiotics Lead to Chronic Illnesses?
  10. Misuse and Overuse of Antibiotics
  11. The Use of Antibiotics in Agriculture and Possible Adverse Effects on Human Health
  12. Agricultural Use of Antibiotics and Its Influence on Drug Resistance of Bacteria
  13. Can Antibiotic Resistance Be Stopped?
  14. Antibiotic Resistance and Its Possible Ramifications for Human Civilization
  15. Antibiotics as a Possible Reasons of Excess Weight and Obesity
  16. Possible Ramifications of Prenatal Exposure to Antibiotics
  17. Cellular Damage Caused by Fluoroquinolone and Its Possible Repercussions
  18. Side Effects, Adverse Reactions and Allergies to Antibiotics
  19. The Dangers of Wrong Usage of Antibiotics
  20. Common Misconceptions about Antibiotics and Associated Health Risks

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10 Facts on the Dangers of Antibiotics for a Critical Essay

December 11, 2015

Before you set everything up for writing a critical essay about antibiotics and their negative effects, you should make sure you know what you are talking about. Here are ten facts that will help you find your footing in this complicated topic.

1. Antibiotics Kill both Harmful and Useful Bacteria Indiscriminately

Surely, antibiotics have saved the lives of millions of people by eliminating the pathogenic bacteria that are the cause of vast majority of infectious diseases. However, we should remember that human intestines naturally contain around 100 trillion bacteria that are not only useful but essential for our well-being. Using and especially overusing antibiotics may throw the delicate balance out of whack, causing a wide range of syndromes ranging from annoying to fatal….

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How to Write a Descriptive Essay on Canadian Food

Writing an essay on an unfamiliar topic is always hard; it is doubly hard when it comes to a descriptive essay. By definition, a descriptive essay is supposed to recount your own experience, perception or memory – and when you don’t have anything in your life to base the description on, the problem is obvious.

What are you supposed to do in such a situation? Imagine or make things up as you go along? Probably not – there is always an opportunity to say something silly, even if you do your research.

No, in this case it is better to stick to the facts and avoid talking as if you actually experienced what you are describing. Let’s take an example – you have to write a descriptive essay about Canadian food but you have never been to Canada, eaten any Canadian dishes, or given these dishes any thought whatsoever (that’s not a problem if you’ve already seen our interesting facts on Canadian food)….

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20 Topics on Canadian Food for a Descriptive Essay

Writing a descriptive essay about something you are not exactly an expert on is never easy. It becomes even more difficult when you are free to choose any topic within the confines of a general theme – your knowledge is insufficient to choose anything in particular as you simply have no idea what to choose from. So, if you have to write a descriptive essay about Canadian cuisine, feel free to use these topics we’ve prepared for you:

  1. Poutine – an Artery-Clogging Delight of Canadian Cuisine
  2. Maple Syrup as the Basic Symbol of Canadian Culture
  3. Canadian Ice Wine and Why It Is So Special
  4. BeaverTails – Pastry Celebrating Canadian National Animal
  5. Newfoundland Cod Tongues – Refuse Turned Delicacy
  6. Pemmican – the Precursor of Modern Protein Bars
  7. Butter Tart – the Most Canadian Dessert in Canada
  8. Ice Beer – the Canadian Contribution to the World of Brewing
  9. Tourtiere – Traditional French-Canadian Dish
  10. Donairs – Middle-Eastern Food Turned Canadian
  11. The Disputed Origins of Nanaimo Bar
  12. Bloody Caesar – Canada’s National Cocktail
  13. Traditional Cuisine of the First Nations
  14. Montreal-Style Bagel – Jewish Contribution to Canadian Cuisine
  15. Fiddleheads and The Ways They Are Prepared in Canada
  16. Acadian Rappie Pie and Its Origins
  17. Fish and Brewis – Traditional Newfoundland Delicacy
  18. Garlic Fingers as a Canadian Take on Pizza
  19. Tiger Tail Ice cream – Ubiquitous Canadian Licorice Dessert
  20. Flapper Pie as a Staple of Canadian Prairie Culture

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10 Facts on Canadian Food for a Descriptive Essay

December 9, 2015

There are cuisines that are well-known to everybody, like French or Chinese. Canadian cuisine isn’t among them – in other countries you will rarely see a place where you can taste authentic Canadian food. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a lot to offer to those who are willing to taste it.

1. The Origins of Poutine are Shrouded in Mystery

Poutine is the iconic Canadian dish, consisting of French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy. Despite being relatively young (it appeared back in 1950s), nobody really knows for sure where it comes from and who invented it. Several regions in Canada claim this honor, while some scholars believe that it came from the northern UK, where a dish known as “chips, cheese and gravy” has been known since 1900s. The etymology of the name is unclear as well: it may be a gallicization of the English word “pudding”, a derivation from a slang word meaning “mess”, with half a dozen other theories going around….

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20 Topics on American Culture for a 5-Paragraph Essay

If you need to write about American Culture for your 5-paragraph essay, consider the 20 essay topics below:

  1. What Are the Reasons of Culture Changes?
  2. Why Didn’t the “Great American Melting Pot” Boil Culture Down into a Single Homogenous Entity?
  3. The Changes That Were Reflected in American Art, Music, Literature
  4. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” as a Reflection of Slavery
  5. How Influential Literary Works Massively Impact Society and Culture
  6. What Forces or Tensions Exert Pressure on American Culture to Change?
  7. What Particular Features of the Past Precedents Show the Changes in American Culture?
  8. American Culture: Shaped by Many “Tensions” of “Foreign” Ideals, Massive Amounts of Immigration and “Native” Originality
  9. How Is Counterculture Distinguished by Its Emphasis on Social Change and Experimentation and by Its General Rejection of the Ideals Upheld by Post-World War II Generation?
  10. How the Beat Generation Played a Part in Other Social and Cultural Movements
  11. Multiple History Effects on Art, Music, and Literature and Vice Versa
  12. “Kinder and Gentler” America Reflection in the Music of Tin Pan Alley
  13. Rock and Roll as a Result of Changes in Society
  14. How Many Cultural Events Are Directly Related to Historical Happenings?
  15. Is It Impossible for a Cultural Event to Transpire without the Shift in Social Norms and Ideals?
  16. Rock and Roll Music: the Combination of Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Country and Western
  17. Jazz Music: a Harmony of “Socially Elite” Piano and “Poor” Brass Instruments
  18. Who Do Some Works of Art Can Easily Fall Under Several Genres?
  19. The Evolution of Film Genres in the U.S.A
  20. The Reflection of the Beat Generation in Literature, Art and Music

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How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay on American Culture

A five paragraph essay is a standard essay which, once learned, serves as the foundation for all other forms of writing. This format is important to learn because it will help to structure nearly all academic writing assignments going forward.

To begin a five paragraph essay, you need a topic. In some cases, your teacher will give you one, in others they may allow you some leeway in the selection of your topic. With the topic in hand, you need to formulate a thesis statement. The thesis functions as a single statement which presents the purpose of your paper. It should be the first or last sentence in your introductory paragraph which is where you will introduce the points you are going to make in support of your thesis. There are three body paragraphs inside of which you can present three key components to support your thesis. If, for example, you are claiming that American culture has changes a lot, you must present three key findings each in a separate paragraph to support that idea. You might explain it on the example of music in the first paragraph, art in the second paragraph, and cinematography the third paragraph. The conclusion is the fifth and final paragraph where you remind the reader of the three points you made and what evidence you had to back them up….

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10 Interesting Facts on American Culture for a 5-Paragraph Essay

December 4, 2015

If you are writing a 5-paragraph essay on American culture, below are ten great facts you can use in your next essay:…

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