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How to Make a College PowerPoint Presentation

As it is generally known and accepted, visualization of expressed thoughts makes perception and understanding an easier process. Microsoft PowerPoint is the software designed specifically for this purpose, by creating and demonstrating multimedia presentations. If you have not yet downloaded PowerPoint to your computer, you should buy this software in the nearest future and do so. It will come in handy. If you do not know how to use the software for creating presentations, you may find many tutorials devoted to this subject online.

PowerPoint gives you opportunities to incorporate your voice presentation with images, tables, diagrams, and charts. You may also use multimedia presentations to demonstrate your academic work results and research paper or case study findings, as well as create presentations for informal meetings or events and summarize pieces of work via PowerPoint presentations, etc.

When using the animated presentation creation feature, you are to follow several simple rules. Your foremost task is getting the message across to the audience by helping them visual it. Unfortunately, sometimes PowerPoint presentations prevent the viewers from understanding the speaker’s message due to excessive visual and sound effects. In order to make your point clear and obvious, you should minimize distractions in your presentations….

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How to Write a Perfect Case Study

A case study enhances existing research findings and helps researchers conduct generalizations and stratifications of the issues concerning a problem, question or contradictory point. Case study skeptics claim that a limited number of real situations – cases – can never be based on when a problem is solved. Still, many researchers and management specialists proceed with using case study analysis results for their companies’ obvious profit.

According to a statement by D. B. Bromley, a case study may be defined as a “systematic inquiry into an event or a set of related events which aims at describing and explaining the phenomenon of interest.” Thus, a case study is a type of written research paper that has earned enormous popularity in all spheres of knowledge, in life, and social sciences in particular. The key to a successful case study lies in the thorough and in-depth analysis of a given concept, strategy, idea or program. The paper, in most cases, will be descriptive or explanatory, and thus providing concrete conclusions. The results and limitations of an effective case study may be further used in practical activity of an enterprise, establishment, or institution. A modern case study may be composed by a person individually or by a group. In the latter case, each member of the team carries out certain stages of the research….

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Essay on Advertising

June 26, 2013

Advertising helps greatly in showing the consumers what they really want. In the process of advertising there are various techniques that are applied that may either bring about positive or negative effects to the products. This is usually brought about by the way various advertisers present their adverts to the consumers. According to most researches obtained from the general population about advertisement, the highest percentage of people take advertisement to be a good thing. This is because they believe it to be informative and essential.

Despite of this, in my own point of view advertisement has got a lot of negative influence to the consumers and the general society. Some of the aspects that make advertisement to be taken negatively by the consumers are; on the ethical aspect, advertisement has a completely demeaning consequence to the public; on the economic aspect, it is believed to be economically improvident; and on the social aspect, it provides little truth about a certain product. All these aspects are the few examples of the aspects of advertisement that render it to being negative to the society….

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Essay on Disabilities

Various disabilities in the world include physical, cognitive and mental disabilities. Physical disabilities may be congenital, amputation, and other sclerosis. Amputation involves removal of injured body parts. The body part may be removed due to trauma, surgery or prolonged condition. It may occur as an injury after war or accident and unlike some animals that can grow their body parts back such as starfish, human parts do not grow back once they are removed. In US, most of the amputations today occur due to vascular systems complications caused by diseases such as diabetes. This may result from an injury or a planned surgery for preventing the spread of a disease on the hand or other parts of the body.

Some of the amputated parts, for example, legs may be attached back into the body. Pinzur et al. (1667-1671) describes that an amputation occurs when the surgeon needs to remove the injured parts of the body. Before the surgery, the doctor examines the damage to the other part of the body. The area removed depends on the amount of damage. The surgeon closes the part to be amputated using skin and tendon from other parts of the body. …

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How to Write a Research Paper in APA Style

APA is a writing format that was set by the American Psychological Association. This style is most preferred by colleges and graduate schools. It is used for social sciences and is based on the idea that scientific papers discuss facts already proven to be true, and that the year in which a piece of work was published is important and should, therefore, be included in the in-text citations.

One of the basic elements of APA is that all text should be double-spaced. The document used should be standard-sized (8.5” x 11”). All margins should be set at 1”. The recommended font is Times New Roman at 12pt. This, however, may differ in accordance to given instructions. On every page, include a page header or running head. It shows a shortened version of the paper’s title in capital letters, as well as the page numbers.

Research papers written using APA style have four main sections. On the Title page is the paper’s title, student’s name, and the institution. The page header should look like this: “Running head: PAPER TITLE”, and should be flushed to the left, with the page number to the right. Note that in other pages, the page header looks like this; “PAPER TITLE” and is also flushed to the left, with the page number to the right….

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Creative Writing Tips for College Students

Writing is an unavoidable task for everyone, be it necessary for college, junior school, or in a working environment. This means that we all should have some writing skills at our finger tips. However, college creative writing in in one way or another, differs from writing in high school. One key feature of college creative essay writing is the use of an argument, which should be set out in a systematic manner. This argument includes a claim, evidence supporting or refuting the claim, and limits to your claim.

To have a paper that is flowing and has depth, the first step should be to choose a topic that one is well informed about, and one that is easy to research. This saves one the agony of running out of material to write about. With a topic at hand, the next step is to plan the paper. This means that you write down your ideas as they come to mind, in order to avoid forgetting any of them….

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How to Write a Research Paper in MLA style

When writing, it is of paramount importance that one formats their paper using one of the accepted styles available. One of the commonly used formatting styles when writing research papers is MLA. This style refers to a writing method recommended by the Modern Language Association. This style is mostly used in humanities, more particularly in language related papers such as literature, as well as manuscripts. Other humanities, such as history, may require a different writing style.

When using the MLA style, one should use the standard, white 8.5 x 11-inch paper. The text should be double-spaced, and typed using a legible font. The recommended font is Times New Roman with a 12 pt size….

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