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Archive for December, 2011

Flirting and Sexual Harassment in College Essay

December 20, 2011

Flirtation is a kind of act that is geared towards giving signs that insinuate desire for intimacy. For instance, it may involve non-verbal expressions and gestures or words. Flirtation is done differently among different cultures. In college for instance, female students are known to flirt through their dressing. They wear extremely short dresses that reveal their thighs. In addition, they feel that when men see the cleavage and other parts, they will be attracted to them. However, sexual harassment refers to coercion into sex and other sexual acts. While flirting is done willingly and often playfully, sexual harassment is often done forcefully. In college for instance, it occurs through rape cases, where female students are raped. At times tough, it may result from flirting. The intention of flirting is not normally sex. Thus, when a woman puts on short cloths, a man may be tempted to have sex, and later force her into it (Golden, R, Peterson, F, Hilgenkamp, K, Harper, J & Boskey, 2010)….

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Ethical Dilemma Essay

December 20, 2011

Industrial-Organization Psychology
There are a number of ethical issues found in situation 1. The conspicuous of the ethical dilemma is the mere fact that all individual members attending the coerced to do so by the human resource management of the pharmaceutical firm. It is apparent that they attended the three-day job searching seminar as the only avenue of getting their collecting their final paychecks. This act of coercion is highly unethical because all the affected individuals should be allowed to attend the seminar on their own volition. As a seminar leader, I would advise the department of Human Resource to separate the attendance of the seminar and the issues of the final paychecks. Every laid off staff should be entitled to get his/her paycheck s/her attended the seminar or not.

Another significant ethical dilemma that I observe from the above scenario is issues of confidentiality. At the beginning of the seminar at the nearby hotel, the individuals were dispersed into small group workshops and they were guaranteed confidentiality. In sharp contrast, the confidentiality of the attendants were compromised following the presence of the representative from the HR yet the department was not supposed to be informed about the subject of discussion during the seminar. …

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Gender Norms in the Last Man

December 12, 2011

Gender is simply defined as the cultural and social construction of masculinity or feminity (Perry 8). This definition is not only enough when talking about gender as the term encompasses several factors like sexual orientation, common appearance and even forms of communication. However, this being a very wide term has led to formation of stereotype implying that men and women have to adhere to some gender roles for them to be seen socially as fit and hence some recognition in the society. In opposition to this stereotype which I believe it intends to impose and force some roles basing on gender hence favoring one gender or another.

Women gender norms in the society
The topic of women gender norms in the society is very instrumental in shaping up the society which is a building block to the nation. Therefore, when talking about gender roles there are various ideologies that arise hence emergency of stereotypes. This influences the way a group of people will behave and act in order to be accepted in a given gender group. For example, there has been a stereotype on how a perfect woman and man should look like….

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Magazine Design Brief Essay

December 12, 2011

Magazine Design Brief Essay:
The essay basically tries to give a brief synopsis at the brilliant idea of the yet to be established new health magazine that is set to surely hit the readers and meet the need of quality and accessible information that revolve around the broad topic of health and health factors.

Objectives of the Magazine
The underlying objectives that led to the invention of these brilliant idea of coming up with a health magazine that will surely suit the end needs of the readers generally include. It will focus on the topic of social justice and the main focus will be on health related issue on the subject matter of social justice.

Targeted readers
The targeted readers of the magazine will definitely comprise all those individuals who need to be motivated on the general topic of social injustices, and with specifications of the various injustices that revolve around the general subject matter of health and health related issues. Some of these health related issues generally revolve and comprise of the rape cases, social injustices like defilement of young children and minors. It generally is perceived as a social injustice but generally underneath it it attempts to prescribe the health related issues facing the topic of discussion….

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