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Archive for November, 2011

Essay on Effects of Recession on Students

November 7, 2011

Example Essay on Effects of Recession on Students:
(College life has many challenges that lead to a combination of problems that are propelled by inefficiency in service delivery as well as incompetence. These can be dealt with all the same if proper procedures are taken by relevant stakeholders).

As inevitable the recession might seem to be to the economic life of the world, its effects have proved to be more widespread and devastating than we can imagine them to be. Imagine waking up to find firms and industries downsizing their workforce, prices of basic commodities rising by the minute, cost of healthcare being far from affordable, crime rate and insecurity being the only topic of the day due to super high cost of living, and as if not enough, the most important sector of civilization, education becoming so expensive beyond the reach of the modern day small family that tags its future on the little kids dressed in their school uniform hoping that one day they will finish school and get employed with a decent income to bring back home. These forces youth to resort to crude money making methods like selling drugs, prostitution and theft.

The Recession is the period when the economic output is decreasing instead of increasing thus having the effect of reducing tax revenues to the government. This Forces the Government to dig deeper into reserves and external borrowing to suffice its expenditure, thus plunging the economy into debts, causing effects such as inflation. Inflation directly boils down to the individual citizen who has to spend more on goods and services as the cost of living escalates.

Crime rate has been increasing as a result of the high cost of living brought about by recession. This is as a result of many students resorting to theft and fraud in order to get an extra dollar for their upkeep and tuition fees. This will lead to student living with fear as their property is always at risk of loss and they are afraid of being harmed due to the violence that is associated with stealing. The rise in crime rates will affects the concentration of students as they cannot fully concentrate on their studies because of concern on the security of their property. Crime rate also brings about insecurity around the campus since the affinity of students to steal has risen. This creates an in conducive environment for studying and thus the students grades will drop significantly….

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Soccer Coach Behavior Essay

November 7, 2011

I recently had the opportunity of watching a soccer match between two local teams. Te Young Christians F.C from my local church was one of the teams. This team is known locally for the prowess its players have in the field. The second team comprised of visitors from a youth group found in a town several miles away. The match took place in a football field which happened to be the training grounds for the local high school. The football match was marked by sportsmanship and fair play with the teams surpassing the expectations I had.. Coaches from both sides were observed encouraging the different players through actions that portrayed behavior he expected the team to show. The stands were full with many spectators having decided to come and cheer up their respective teams to ensure they gave them moral support necessary for the team’s success. The coaches from both teams were well seasoned and had good past experiences gathered from years of successful team training. They had actually been involved in coaching several local teams making them the best in the area (Hargreaves & Bate, 2009). …

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Presidential Speech Essay

November 4, 2011

Presidential Speech sample:
A number of issues are eminent in the modern day America. The nation is fighting against economic recession, political intolerance, rampant unemployment, derailed healthcare programs, and expensive foreign wars with perceived threats to American national security. Therefore, as a responsible president my government is proposing measures to transform the state of the United States economy into a more stability and realistic paradise where every American citizen is bound to make their dreams come true daily. Our wise and great founding fathers fought against foreign oppressions because they were ready to sacrifice their lives for our freedom. The modern American must be ready to make one final sacrifice to be part of the team whose main ambition is to transform our economy with a view to create viable employment and investment opportunities for our people. Transform American Healthcare to promote collective and secure healthcare scheme. Last but not least, the government is challenged by a proactive foreign and security policy that needs to change its policies to reduce expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars in foreign territories and wars that eventually benefit a few technocrats.

Improving the economic situation
For a long time, America is proud of having the most attractive and influential economy in the world; however, in the 21st century unlike before, population has tripled following high birth rate and doubled inflow of immigrants since America is a free and democratic nation. Therefore, the economy is experiencing a shock of providing enough jobs for over 300 million American nationals. The trend is unlikely to change unless we take the following dire measure….

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“A Good Man is Hard to Find” essay example

November 4, 2011

Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find” discusses human conduct in terms of moral codes. Morals are guidelines, which an individual or groups of people decide to abide with. The word moral does not mean right or good but rather what people choose to practice. For instance, the grandmother seems to have a different understanding of the word “good” and by knowing very well, that the fugitive is wrong, she refers to him as a good man. Additionally, she considers herself lady-like and good yet she withholds truth upon the realization that she has made a mistake. This costs the other characters their lives when they are shot by the fugitive and his accomplices. As much as the grandmother has a different perception about goodness, she believes in salvation and religion. When the family is attacked by thugs in the wood, she pleads to Jesus for safety, though at some point she becomes doubtful about her faith.

On the other hand, the fugitive has a different perception concerning morals stemming from his belief that he should not be in prison following an unfair conviction. Due to his frustration, the fugitive decides not to align to any common religion. The fugitive’s religion is bent on a selfish and self-centered slogan suggesting an immoral character. The children in this article also reflect a different view of moral codes. This can be seen in the insolent responses they offer to their grandmother during the road trip. Since the children are not corrected or rebuked, it seems it is also acceptable to the parents….

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Creative Writing on Inception and the Bechdel Test

November 4, 2011

Creative Writing on Inception and the Bechdel Test:
The film industry has been accused of being gender biased, with most of the movies produced being dubbed as being distinctively misogynistic. Accordingly, critics such as Allison Bechdel, have identified a need for the creation of films whereby the female characters are not limited to the role of supporters for their male counterparts. Evidently, most movies, both past and present have failed in the achievement of this. More movies, even the award-winning films, continue to be produced without a gender consideration, with most putting the male characters on a pedestal and the women at the bottom. However, some films such as Wanted and Salt, have a female as the lead character illustrating the lengths to which Hollywood producers are willing to change the trends in film production. In her argument regarding gender bias, Allison Bechdel argues that reduction of gender bias in films goes beyond giving women lead roles. She explains that the number of women, their relationship with each other, as well as, their conversations have play a major role in determining whether a film is gender biased or not. Fundamentally, Bechdel introduces the idea of the Bechdel test to determine the level of gender bias in a particular film or movie ( 1a). This test consists of three main components including the need for having two or more female characters in the film, having these females engage in a conversation, and the exclusion of men in the conversation. Put simply, the Bechdel test demands that a film have two or more female characters who talk to each other about issues other than men. Interestingly, many movies have failed this test at one point or the other ( 1a). Movies may have many female characters but they do not engage in any conversation with each other, and when they do, the conversation revolves around a man….

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Essay on Beowulf, Shylock and Sir Gawain

November 4, 2011

What makes a story, poem or play interesting and appealing to the reader are the characters involved. Characters form the basis of a successful writing in the sense that they help in discovery of major themes and motifs. It is worth noting that what make heroic or villain characters are traits they depict. In this regard, this brief overview will highlight three main characters from The Merchant of Venice, Beowulf and Sir Gawain and Green Knight and their relationship to the theme of self-interest verses love. The heroic character of Beowulf and that of Sir Gawain will be assessed as well as the villain character of Shylock who although is not the protagonist of the play, is more active than Antonio. Their own interests, personal goals and love for objects and people prompt the heroic actions of the three characters. Moreover, their beliefs and humanistic values compel their actions.

Beowulf, an epic poem by Chaucer depicts Beowulf as the central character against three contenders, Grendel mother, Grendel and the dragon (Mitchell, Robison, 14). His brave personality and merciless character helps him in killing all his enemies. However, Beowulf heroic actions are driven by his personal goals and his love for his people. He is determined to prove his ability and courage to his people through eliminating their enemies. …

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Research Paper on Intangible Assets including Goodwill

IFRS versus GAAP: Assessing the Issue
Major sources of investment capital have long favored greater harmony and transparency in global accounting standards (Ohlgart & Ernst, 2011). While world accounting standards in the modern sense originated in the US, a divergence has occurred between GAAP criteria and the prevailing international accounting standards, currently represented by IFRS criteria. The latter are now in official use in 120 nations (Tyson, 2011, p. 27). In October 2002, FASB and IASB formalized the Norwalk Agreement, to converge in their accounting rules over time (Charron & Moores, 2011; Tyson, 2011). Since then, both the major accounting associations and government regulators have moved toward convergence in accounting practices. In light of this development, this paper will look at whether to recommend that the SEC maintain GAAP criteria for firms that report in the US or move to IFRS criteria, especially concerning the issue of intangible assets.

The Call for Convergence
After the Enron and WorldCom accounting fiascos, which “culminated in huge financial losses and decimated capital markets worldwide,” there has been vociferous pressure, especially from European firms and auditing agencies, for the US to join the growing world community of accounting practice by moving away from GAAP and toward IFRS criteria (Tyson, 2011, p. 25). This assumes that globally standardized criteria would have improved transparency in financial reporting at Enron and WorldCom, raising awareness of irregularities earlier. Thus, some have argued that IFRS standards, which rely on principles more than rules, foment more professional judgment, which creates transparency (Tyson, 2011, p. 30). Admittedly, GAAP criteria are better at industry-specific detail, but there have also been arguments that they may encourage “financial engineering” (Tyson, 2011, p. 27). Nevertheless, credible academic sources find no evidence that IFRS standards are superior to GAAP criteria (Tyson, 2011, p. 30)….

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Couples Who Do Not Get Married essay

November 1, 2011

Marriage is the practice by which two people who love each other, create their relationship official, public and permanent. It is the amalgamation of two people in a union that putative lasts until passing away do one part. Marriages are prepared in paradise”, but we all want to bring paradise on this earth. Marriage plays an incredibly important role in one’s life. According to times magazine life is so swift moving that nobody has time to squander with his or her relatives. Being a human being everyone wants a second heart to share their pains. Wedding is one’s delusion, which he or she try to fulfill at-least once in their life span.

Logically, when a girl attains a comprehensible age she begins to structure a portrait of her wedding day, the environs they belong to and other wedding parties they attend. In spite of all that, most people are reluctant to the occasion thus preferring to stay together. If you are similar to most people, you ride into married life on dominant waves of love and intimacy that crashed sporadically into self-doubt and apprehension, only to ascend again, stronger than ever. In other words, one understood that you wedded for love. Most marriages come with the responsibility f taking care of children. Men consider themselves masculine and stronger, and are not charged with the responsibility to nurse and take care of children, and women are not comfortable with this (Sullivan, 2007, p. 232). That was the straightforward part. Plenty of research shows that wedding with love is more effective at bringing us together than maintaining us together. It has been found out that in most relationships, women often disagree with the demands of the men, (Sullivan, 2007, p 231)….

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Essay on Business Ethics

November 1, 2011

Business Ethics essay:
The world is in the age of innovations, with an exponential free market growth in a world economy. Never than before, more and more people and countries are getting interwoven through technology, spreading freedom and democratic ideals, to enhance free markets; to protect personal property rights; and at the same time encouraging respect for human rights, conserving the environment and the respect for human rights.

Electronic businesses in the modern society are expected to adhere to standards of responsible business practices that are more than what has been in place traditionally. The need to maximize profits in virtual business where the traditional buyer-seller direct interaction is lost is in no way a license to go against society norms, standards, values and respect, quality and integrity. …

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