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Archive for November, 2011

Case Study on Bond Industry Technology

November 18, 2011

Bond Industry Technology (Preliminary analysis of BIT’s Enterprise Architecture)
From a wide perspective of what is actually the business structure of BIT, there are numerous problems which require analyzing and correcting. However, when we look at this scenario, there are so many variable required for BIT to meet its required goals. The business structure is more complex and thus, it may be addressed at a later time. Business wise Plastik strategic goals are not being met due to the fact that the fragmented structure of BITA will not allow any form of Encouragement Corporation between the Bus.

Contrary to this, the senior management at BITA have come have been concerned with the fact that their decisions are being made on a month old data. There is a rising need for accurate and timely data, and this matter is pressing more since offices were opened interstate and overseas and time zone appears to be different between NZ, Sydney, Perth and Germany. There also appears to be a problem in data exchange and report preparation is also a problem. Compounding on this, it has been found that customer handling or branch enquiries is also a problem since the window for BITA to receive data and work on divisional data or respond to enquiries can be as short as 3-4 hours per day.

These are mainly the two problems that are affecting BIT and thus for Plastik to be able to meet its targets, them both of this problems have to be solved….

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Case Study on Health Education

November 15, 2011

Sample case study on Health Education:
Explain how “health literacy” relates to Healthy People 2020.
Health literacy is having the capacity to process and understand basic health information, and applying this information when making health-related decisions. The responsibility of communicating health information is placed on health professionals and the general public expects them to communicate in plain language which is easily understood. When technical jargons are used, most people are unable to adopt the recommendations which are being put forward by health professionals.

The main objective of Healthy People 2020 is to improve the general health of Americans. Besides strengthening the current health policies, Healthy People 2020 also wants to increase the proportion of the population which engages in healthy behaviors. Unless health literacy is improved, the objective mentioned above would no be achieved. There exists a gap of knowledge between the health professionals and the public. The health professionals posses the critical information need to promote health living while the public does not have this information; they rely on the professionals to advice them. Therefore the hunger for information already exists and the impetus is on the health professionals to furnish the public with easily understandable information….

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Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman

November 15, 2011

Question 1
Richard Feynman was a well renowned physician in his era and was known for his works relating to those of Albert Einstein. Richard could have accomplished more had he been more serious. One example is where it is stated that he dwelt more on the past rather than on more innovative ideas. Another one is by the fact that he wasted a lot of time concentrating on family issues. The last one is by knowing that he used very little time in the laboratory.

Question 2
Feynman was more relaxed than it was expected of a scientist. For a scientist like him, I expected him to be more articulate in his study of science. Once again this is proved by the minimal hours spent in the lab, the little respect that he gave to the future but rather was content with what was available. Another example is by concentrating more on personal issues rather than scientific ones.

Question 3
Feynman’s success in the field of science was attributed to his increased focus towards the climax of his career. This is stated in the book that he increased his focus in due time. There was also the influence of fellow scientists and finally the family members.

Question 4
Feynman did not do science as per my expectation. In the book it is stated that he spent very little time researching. We are also told that he focused more on the past rather than on the future. Moreover, his work was expected to yield more as he worked with the concepts of Einstein.

Question 5
Feynman was not the way that I expect scientists to be. He was not diligent enough to carry out work alone. Moreover, he could not work without the required push from his peers. Another example that proves this is that he could not work without the role modeling of Einstein….

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Global Recession Term Paper

Sample term paper on Global Recession:
All over the world, headlines of the newspapers are talking about recession. Recession can be defined as the slowing down of business processes or activities. As a result, it has affected the world’s economy. The prices for goods and services have sky rocketed, companies are doing badly and the stock markets are not doing well. This has been transferred to the lives of people. Many people are struggling to earn a living so that they can survive in this poor economy. Therefore, people have been affected socially and economically thus making the relevant authorities to try to find solutions to solve the problems.

In many people’s discussion, the main topic is what caused the global recession. According to analysis, the American housing project is one of the causes. The government created a good system to lend people with so that they can be able to afford houses and as a result, the rates of inflation went up (, 2008). Another cause of the recession is the rise in fuel prices. Almost all the commodities made by different companies must have used fuel either directly or indirectly. All this has emanated from the US trickling down to the other countries; thus, becoming a global issue. Therefore, the rise of fuel and housing projects made the cost of the different commodities to rise resulting to the recession….

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Essay on Humor in the Operating Room

November 15, 2011

Creative Short Story/Essay: Humor in the Operating Room:
It is often believed that the OPERATING ROOM (OP) is one place that is enveloped with an aura of seriousness, so much so that even surgeons cannot have a hearty laugh while attending to a serious life saving procedure such as CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS GRAFTING. Unfortunately, no! In fact, humor is an ingredient that is more than cherished. I have been an operating room nurse for the past five years. Even though we deal with tons of stress, it’s a rewarding profession filled with fun.

Just before I celebrated my thirtieth birthday, I was working with a CARDIOLOGIST surgeon. He was always dapper, in and out of the hospital. There is a day he slipped and had to land with his hand off the ground just to make sure that his HOEMOSTATIC Kelly forceps remained STERILE, only to get on his feet and ask the whole room, “Am I still sterile?”

I could barely catch my breath, everybody laughed. Luckily, the patient remained stable despite the loss of precious seconds and the INTRAVENOUS injection of APROTININ and DESMOPRESSIN helped in lowering HYPERTENSION and preventing ANGINA. As for his free fall, we got him a prescription of DEMEROL to wish the pain away. The OP is always closed during operation and therefore it is equipped with all necessary PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. No need to say, the forceps; now infested with PATHOGENS found its way to our modern front-loading AUTOCLAVE.

Just a few weeks ago in the UROLOGY room, an ANAESTHESIA provider; who has a tight schedule so much so that you’d think he never lives the hospital, asked a new OP nurse to go get some TAMPONS and GAUZE and the nurse looked up rather quizzically wondering why the anesthetist wanted a ‘tampon’. She never knew that what the provider wanted was an adsorbent plug of cotton to help in absorbing blood from the wound.

On a more serious note, most of you have heard about the negative effects of too much dietary CHOLESTEROL and its role in ATHEROSCLEROSIS, CARDIAC ARREST and a host of other CARDIOVASCULAR diseases. The effects of unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical exercise are what we have to deal with in the operating theatre everyday. It is better to be wise and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Essay on “The Murder of Helen Jewett” by Patricia Cline Cohen

November 10, 2011

Dorcas Doyen, more popularly known as Helen Jewett, is at the centre of the book “The Murder of Helen Jewett” written by Patricia Cline Cohen in 1999. Doyen or Jewett as she is popularly known was born in Temple, Maine on October 18 1883 to a working class family. Her mother died while she was still a child and her father, who was an alcoholic, followed soon. Orphaned at an early age, she was adopted by a local judge, Chief Justice Nathan Weston and his family who provided her with a good education (Cohen, 23). She additionally worked as a servant in the judge’s home and it is here that she grew into a young woman renowned for her beauty. She is said to have developed sexual assertiveness at this point and was rumoured to be involved with a Banker in an affair that became scandalous. Upon attaining 18 years of age, the girl moved out of the judge’s home and began working as a prostitute in Portland, Maine, under an assumed name, as was the practice at the time. Her trade took her to Boston, and then finally to New York where she met her death (Cohen, 37). Her murder brought to the fore various aspects of people’s lifestyles that may have contribute to the nature of life that Jewett led besides other women and men. Upon the discovery of her murder and the attempted arson on her body, investigators focused on her long time client and close associate, Richard P. Robinson who used the name Frank Rivers when visiting prostitutes such as Jewett….

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Research Paper on Facebook

Research paper on “How Facebook, a social networking site, affects the quality of adult relationships”:
There are many places where one can choose to go to so as can observe things that interest them. Communication is an essential aspect in life, without it, life cannot function well. Lately, most people have been taken over by social websites for interaction, such as twitter and Facebook. Adults also stay abreast in this matter as they are using it to establish and form relationships. Adults, who want to find love, mostly use the latter and those in need of expanding their businesses and careers.

The locations, which I chose, were Starbucks, a friend’s house and ‘the spot’ that is hookah lounge. This are places where many people go to and as well as them being conducive for facebooking.

Day 1-Starbucks
It is on the 12th day of October, in the year 2011, that I set out to go and observe the effects that Facebook has had on the adult population. According to research, over eighty percent of American adults consume coffee and Starbucks is where they obtain their favorite brew. At around seven thirty, I set out to star bucks, which is located at the city center. It is strategically positioned and this means that many adults on their way to work have to pass by. Currently, Facebook is the most popular social site in the world and it attracts even adults, who would be busy with other things. Starbucks is especially full since it is a cold morning and everyone is in dire need of coffee, which has been freshly brewed….

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Essay on “The Wizard of Oz” and “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

November 10, 2011

The main idea of this essay is to give a comparison of between these two movies: “O Brother, Where Art thou?” and “The Wizard of Oz”. The essay compares and contrasts the heroes in both movies, three companions and the mentors in the movies.

A hero is a person, mostly a man, admired for noble qualities. In a film, a hero is a chief character in a movie that is identified with outstanding or good qualities. Ulysses Everett McGill is the hero in the movie ‘‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ He displays a character of a charming, fast- spoken and wise man in this movie. The funny character is that he maintains on keeping his hair. He is the hero because he is the main character in the movie. McGill’s journey begins at Mississippi, at a time it was experiencing a great depression. Here they meet three convicts who have just escaped from prison. Here they stumble in different careers where they meet McGill’s wife who is about to leave for better man and they solve their issues.

McGill has three companions; Pete, Delmar and Tommy. They represent co- escapees from the prison because McGill approaches them and talks to them about the idea which they receive gladly. They have played different jobs roles; Pete- plays a loyal character after Delmar is turned into a frog he is very caring for him. Delmar is wise enough because he thinks he should be the leader and he always questions what Everett does. Tommy acts courageously because he has faced the devil. They complement each other….

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Cable is better than Satellite Speech

November 10, 2011

In the early days of Cable TV, many people would not have taken cable seriously given that many people doubted whether people would pay for something they could get for free. In its initial period cable was seen as only useful for people who lived in areas with limited access to free to air TV. Today Cable has become a big business as it now competes with satellite TV in the provision of television services. Since consumers always want the best there has been a great controversy on what is better; is it cable TV or Satellite. While Satellite has its advantages such as better reception quality, and better interactive controls, it has to be acknowledged that cable offers more in terms of pricing, equipment, and programming.

The equipment used for cable is relatively cheaper than satellite equipment. Cable is usually advantageous to users who feel that they do not need digital programming as only a television set is required to start receiving signals from cable as opposed to satellite. For subscribers who prefer digital programming they will have to purchase a TV converter box and a remote the same as satellite (Keating 273). Cable has the advantage over satellite in that it does not require set top boxes for each TV as satellite does. Cable is also less cumbersome than satellite since satellite TV usually requires the installation of dishes or a set of dishes in order to be connected. Satellite also comes with digital video recorders which the client has to pay for upfront as opposed to the equipment of Cable which belongs to the cable company and the client is not required to make payments towards it. Satellite dishes are cumbersome and present a degree of danger since they have to be installed on the roof or wall of the residence. Satellite dishes are also present challenges in some areas since they require unobstructed locations which may be hard for people who rent houses as they may live in houses in which an obstructed view is impossible leading to poor quality or no signal at all (Luckham and Wedell 35). Some landlords may also not take kindly to the installation of satellite dishes on their houses which makes cable more suitable….

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Research Paper on Polymer Chemistry

Example Research Paper on Polymer Chemistry:
Polymerization refers to a chemical reaction that results in bonding of two monomers to form a polymer (Tarle, 435). A polymer molecule is made up of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of atoms joined together to form a chain with an extended length at least an order of magnitude greater than its thickness (Peacock & Calhoun, 2006). Polymers have variations of molecular weight (length), branching, steric configuration, interconnections and chemical defects (Tarle, 435).

A polymer is made up of many elements. One can consider a polymer as a thread with every link of this string forming a fundamental unit which is in turn made of hydrogen, carbon, silicon and oxygen(Tarle, 435). They are mostly made up of hydrocarbons though other elements such as Sulphur, nitrogen and chlorine may also be found(Carraher & Charles, 2). The molecules are held together by covalent bonds that are branched, linear, or networked to form the polymeric material (Carraher & Charles, 2). While most polymers have carbon as their backbone, others have silicon as the main element holding the polymer (Carraher & Charles, 2). .

The history of polymerization
The science of polymerisation began way back in the 19th century where alumina-silica glass and phosphoric acid was widely applied to fill dentures (Carraher & Charles, 2). . However, the compounds had very poor mechanical properties and high solubility. This meant that they were not particularly suited in sensitive applications such as dentistry. Later in the mid 20th century, acrylic resins replaced the silica compounds as the only synthetic material (Carraher & Charles, 2). …

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