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Archive for October, 2011

Speech on Children of the Night

October 21, 2011

Every day young children are involved in prostitution in America as a way to seek food and other needs such as shelter. Most of these children who practice this vice happen to have faced sexual assault by in their early childhood life by close relatives. Pimps who force them to be prostitutes torture them. These children most likely do not have proper homes to return to, having trusted relatives who live away from them (Lee, 2011). They have no option but to live in a college dorm or maternity home.

When these children reach 18 years, the organization recommends them to join special programs for those that need assistance with school. Children of The Night is an organization that assists these children to reform and change their ways to become better; it is a non-profit organization rescues these children to quit prostitution and offer programs through support from private donations.

I am informing you about Children of The Night, and the society on the efforts they make to seek the welfare these unfortunate children on the streets. The key idea here is to provide information on the help that these children require and how to reach them. They are prone to repeating the same habits even after correction. Rehabilitation is the main aim and informing them on dangers of those acts, and stopping more children to engage in prostitution….

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Criminal Law and Procedure essay

October 21, 2011

Criminal law and procedure essay:
In recent years, criminal procedure place the weight of evidence for the prosecution, meaning it is the work of the prosecution side to attest that the defendant is accountable over any rational uncertainty. This is in contrast to having the defendant attest that he/she is blameless, and all uncertainties determined in support of the defendant. The law also permits the defendant the freedom to legal advocate and any defendant who cannot afford a lawyer provided with one by the government.

The common rule in law commands that crucial prove is acceptable unless the law recommends otherwise. Hearsay and rumors not considered as evidence unless the defendant admits of uttering the words claimed against him. Any information attained unlawfully to be used as evident was dismissed to be termed as valid evidence in a court of law. The authority to prohibit unlawful evidence in Australia is entirely under the common law and on statutory requirements.

Its trite law that in criminal proceeding of all jurisdiction that a person is innocent till proven guilty. The burden of proof of all criminal cases lies on the prosecution. The proposed amendments to the Uniform Evidence Act of 1995 are to the effect that, in cases where a person is accused of offences against the person or property, and such person had a number of three previous convictions of similar offences, such evidence of conviction may be adduced in court against the person….

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Research paper on Worker Attitude and Job Satisfaction

Thesis Statements:
Attitude and Job Satisfaction: A worker attitude towards work is directly linked to the job satisfaction; a worker who is satisfied with his job performs better and excels at what he does. It is therefore imperative for a company to understand the attitude of its workers and measure the job satisfaction of its employees, as job satisfaction is essential for productivity.

Worker attitude and job satisfaction deals with how an organization behaves. It involves the management directing employees into improving organizational and personal effectiveness. It plays an enormous role in determining the attitudes of employees and their job satisfaction. When an employee is happy, it is usually because they are satisfied with their work. This also improves the quality of their work. Attitude and job satisfaction may not fall completely on the management but also on the employees. If employees enjoy their work, they will not need external motivation from management, but instead the satisfaction they attain from completing their work will motivate them (Robbins, 2004).

Job satisfaction is an individual’s contentment with their work. Its effect on productivity is either positive or negative. The relationship between job satisfaction and job productivity is however not consistent. An individual may still obtain high job productivity without having the satisfaction in the work. This happens mostly when money is their motivation. Another motivator is improving in his or her work in order to receive a promotion. Other employees may increase their productivity due to the satisfaction they get from their work. A reason for job satisfaction may also come from an employee getting a good salary. It improves job satisfaction as long as an employee has knowledge of the fact that they get fair payment for their efforts at the end of the day. …

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Essay on Lee Towndrow the Photographer

October 18, 2011

Essay on Lee Towndrow the Photographer
Lee Towndrow is a renowned commercial and portrait photographer from Canada but currently based in U.S.A. Lee Towndrow began his profession as a photographer and designer with a design firm that he founded. The firm was popularly known for the artwork of creating the album cover for prominent bands from Canada including Sloan, The Inbreds, The Flashing Lights and Michelle McAdorey. Towndrow became a Flame artist in 2000. This happened at TOPIX Computer Graphics, an exposure that he utilized in creating effects for TV commercials and various music videos. He lived in Buenos Aires from 2004 to 2005, the place from which, he did a collaboration with Roberto Jacoby, Raumlabor-Berlin, m7red, Kiwi, Eugenia Herrera, and Cecilia Sainz on conceptual art projects like Proyecto Venus, ArteBA and Darkroom.

Every product of Towndrow is appealing and captures my attention. As part of his achievements, one of Lee Towndrow’s photographs was featured on the Applied Arts Photography’s cover as well as on the Illustration Annual which happened in the year 2000. Some other two photographs of Lee were selected and featured in the 2011 Graphics Top 100 collection of photographs. His series of achievements are a source of motivation to every lover of photography….

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Article Review on Marketing Ethics

October 18, 2011

Article Review on Marketing Ethics:
Marketing is one of the most important strategies towards the growth of a company. Most business people and marketers are coming up with strategic ways in which they can sell their products to different consumers in a given region. This has led to the need for close focus on ethnic minority groups especially in the United States where there are different ethnic communities. Ethnic marketing is all about a marketer or business person using marketing strategies aimed at attracting a particular ethnic group. With the big numbers of ethnic minority groups in major countries in the world especially in the US, marketers have to develop their marketing strategies to incorporate these other communities since they are part of the larger market. This has grown over time leading to focus on African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians among others since marketers have realized that most of the expenditure is from the ethnic groups thus a need to make them feel more recognized and appreciated by the companies. This is an analysis on the article, ‘Ethnic Marketing: McDonald’s is Lovin’ It’…

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Essay on Macbeth and Wuthering

October 18, 2011

Example Essay on Macbeth and Wuthering:
Macbeth and Catherine are two characters from the books Macbeth and Wuthering heights respectively. The two characters have some similar characteristics like the many conflicts they have in their life. Macbeth faces difficulty when he is trying to kill his friend Duncan. His wife urges him to do it. Duncan is a good soldier with a good character. The death of Duncan would hurt many people. This makes it hard for him to kill his friend. His wife tells him he will leave him if he does not kill him. He finally agrees to do it. His conflict with himself does not leave him in peace. He finally decides to deal with it in the after life. Macbeth feels forced to pick between his friend and his wife and finally picks his wife. This is evident when he says

“It were done quickly. If the assassination

Could trammel up the consequence, and catch,

With his surcease, success; that but this blow

Might be the be-all and the end-all -here,

But here, upon this bank and shoal of time,

We’ld jumps the life to come. But in these cases

We still have judgment here that we but teach

Bloody instructions, which being taught return

To plague the inventor.”…

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Essay on Dances with Wolves

October 14, 2011

Michael Blake’s book Dances with Wolves reveals a very exciting story of the territorial war between settlers and Native Americans. The book has a Western setting depicting a frontier from a Native American’s point of view. Blake invites the reader to experience the regular pressure that had initially been placed on American by Settlers. John Dunbar, the major character, is a lieutenant who had initial sympathy for the settlers, links with a tribe belonging to Native Americans. This essay analyses Lieutenant Dunbar’s traits that made him abandon America’s allegiance and be part of the Comanches.

Dunbar is a brave man after deciding to be a leader of a troop in a civil war. Instead of having one of his legs face amputation, he decides to take a horse to war and ride next to his enemies where they have a full view of him. He goes into the enemy’s frontline so as to pronounce and face his death. The army belonging to the Union attacks as the confederates gets distracted by the ride Dunbar has decided to take. The war ends as a confederate riot. Dunbar survives the battle and they win the war and Dunbar is considered a hero. His creative nature is evident when he decides to distract the enemies from his troop. He also defends the village and sees them to victory following attacks from a rival tribe known as Pawnee….

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Comparison Research Paper Example

Research Paper on Comparison between the Greek and the American Cultures:
Culture is a broad yet very important aspect of the society and without it no community or group can claim to have any form of identity. Culture can be viewed from a variety of angles each interrelated to the other. It mainly comprises the aspects of religion, business and economic activities, duty towards others, food, dress code, language, music and dance, etiquette, entertainment, and family values among others. These aspects collectively define a group. The speech aims at providing a clear description of some aspects of the Greek culture and providing vivid comparison between the Greek and the American culture (Adams and Strother-Adams 23). Elements which are used to achieve his include the aspects of weddings, clothing and gift giving.

Greek weddings basically commenced when darkness struck. Chariot being the main form of transport carried the bride who at the time stood on the chariot. The girl would set on the journey from her family home to her future husband’s home wearing a veil. Behind the chariot would be the bride’s family who trekked and carried gifts to the groom’s home. Since it would be dark, the acquaintances of both the bride and the groom would provide lighting ahead of the chariots (Adams and Strother-Adams 18). Similarly, their friends would use torches to provide the light. Since they believed darkness encouraged evil spirits, the friend while leading the way played some music in a bid to scare the supposed spirits….

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Critical Analysis on Their Eyes Were Watching God

October 14, 2011

Their Eyes Were Watching God is a novel that was written by an African American author, Zora Neale Hurston. The book was launched in 1937 and primarily focuses on the life experiences of the protagonist Janie Crawford (Bloom 59). The story is set in central and southern Florida and epitomizes Janie’s search for self-awareness through love and relationships (Bowers 83). At the heart of the entire narration are the three marriages that Janie has gone through. The story analyses the quest for fulfillment, self-awareness and freedom by the main character through the experiences she had specifically in her three respective marriages. The story is told of her through a comprehensive flashback of her closest ally, Pheoby. The plot emanates in manner that after her extensive marriages, it becomes the role of Pheoby to narrate the story to the unaccommodating crowd (Scott 49). The book is an account of Janie’s struggle for self-awareness and fulfillment and the things she went through in order to achieve that….

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Coursework on Business Communications

October 13, 2011

What do you think is the relationship between the medium and the message?
In communication, there are different relations between the people who send the information and the ones who are bound to receive it. For the purpose of achieving the best communication strategies and for information to reach the recipients in time, there are various factors that should be upheld. These factors involve the sender, medium and the recipient. The sender is the source of information while the medium is the way through which the information goes by. The recipient is the person who is bound to receive the information eventually.

There is a certain relationship between the medium and the message. The relationship is that the medium determines the delivery of the message. If there was no sort of relationship between the two, the information would end up being distorted and not reach the recipient in the original form. The medium through which the message is sent depends on the content and the type of message being sent. For a message that is very delicate, it should be sent through secure lines such as private mail and courier services.

For a message that is needed urgently, the message cannot be sent through slow means of transportation such as road, however, it sent through methods such as air. The medium is hence related to the message as if it were not present; the message would not reach the recipient….

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