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Research Paper on Epidemiology of HIV

Research Paper on Epidemiology of HIV:
Epidemiology can be said to be a key factor of science to public health. HIV is an epidemic and a concern to the public health since it emerged back in the early 1980s. Since it emerged, there has been numerous research and development about the HIV both in the developed and, underdeveloped countries. HIV may be caused by a virus and its effect may be felt throughout the world.

HIV is a serious public health issue. Globally it is a significant cause of mortality regardless of age, gender or race. Though, there have been a number of developments on HIV there is no known cure or vaccine. People whom may be infected with HIV may be said to have (AIDS) the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV might be mainly transmitted through sexual contact. Based on data that might have been collected from animals, we see that the HIV establishes itself into the body after a given period of 72 hours. The risk of contracting the virus is higher on the male person who has not been circumcised. The risk also increases when there might be repeated exposure to the virus (Howard Libman, Harvey J. Makadon, 2003).

According to Paul E. Sax, Calvin J. Cohen, Daniel R. Kuritzkes (2010), they believe that, since the epidemic of the virus, there has been over 60 million infected people worldwide and a little over 2 million in the United States of America. The virus has resulted with over 20 million deaths worldwide and of the remaining over 40 million 95% of them may be living in the developing countries. According to statistics done we see that almost half of them maybe women and a little over 3 million might be children under the age of 15 years. Of the over 2 million living with the virus in the United States, at least half of them might have died due to complications brought by the virus….

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Research Paper on Measurement in Financial Recording

Measurement in Financial Recording research paper:
In the recent past there has been a strong a desire and need for reforms in the manner in which accounting of financial instruments and statements is done. This has come as a result of a number of developments in the market. These developments have mainly been characterised by diverse financial innovations, which have blurred the establishment of a clear distinction between the existing financial instruments. Consequently, this has contributed to developing markets for those instruments that have been traditionally considered as non tradable and illiquid (Enria et al, 2004). There has also been evident disappearance of the rationale of the existing diverse accounting treatment that is related to securities, banking and insurance services. This is because they all cover and serve similar economic function.

There have been two major approaches which have been recommended in the previous decade as being essential in line with measurements in financial accounting. The first recommendation is anchored on methods of valuation in accordance to past transaction which is referred to as Historical Cost analysis. Second argument is based on the current existing market value, which is referred to as Fair Value Accounting. The Historical based approach has been a fundamental part of America’s accounting systems. Through this approach, assets are always presented on a balance sheet, in terms of their value at the time when they were being acquired, which is essentially the use of purchase cost….

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Essay on Branding The Five Senses

September 22, 2011

The five senses are the physiological capability that provides inputs for perception in organisms. These senses and their theory, classification and operation are overlapping the variety of studied topics in diversified fields. The branding of the five senses has experienced a wide variety of changes since 1960 thorough explanation of various theories. The branding has affected the branding management which is an essential component in today marketing (Thomas, Hutt & Michael, 2004, 16).

Seeing or vision refers to the eyes ability to detect and focus of the light visibility on retinas photoreceptors. The branding of an eye has experienced a wide range of theories since 1960 on which various terms have been associated with it. Generally, it generates electrical nerve impulses for varying brightness, colors and hues whereby the rods and cones are involved in the color and light sensitivity of the brand. In 1985 seeing was branded as a process whereby an eye actively participates in visionary acts sending the message to brain for review. The branding of hearing was most prominent in 1991 when Ramachandran Vilayanur, a professor of University of California, San Diego in neuroscience points out that hearing is a good rule of thumb in our sunlight world. There was some disagreement on this sense as to whether this constitutes to other planets as it collaborates with the other one, two or three senses. Neuroanatomists have come up with various perceptions on the theories that have taken place in defining the hearing concept and its influence from the brain. A drink company took its gin and repackaged it in a transparent glass for the consumers to see the rich combination of its ingredients (Lindstrom & Martin, 2007, 49). The move to repackage was later followed by big portfolio of advertisement which highly focused on the colorful flavors as well as aromas to convey the sense of smell….

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Argumentative Essay on Law

September 20, 2011

Argumentative Essay on the Separation of Powers:
In most nations, the concept of separation of powers is a dominant factor despite the system of government of a country. This concept insists that the judiciary, the legislature and the executive branches of the government be separated from each other in terms of their day to day functioning. Separation of powers is a doctrine that was institutionalized many centuries ago, and it became strictly functional. In the modern day however, some nations tend to ignore it and this results to disputes. In Australia for instance, this concept has been extremely compromised to the extent that it no longer exists. This ignorance to separation of powers is witnessed between and among the three arms of government and between the commonwealth level and the state level of Australia. This paper will underline examples of cases that prove that indeed; there failure in separation of powers in Australia (Gelber, 2006).

The commonwealth and the state level

Australia has two levels of government, the federal government, which is the overall government of the land, and the state governments, which are independent and have their own premiers. The state governments thus rule themselves without any interference from the federal government. However, there are instances when the federal government interferes with the activities of the state governments. In the 2008 court ruling of the Betfair Pty Limited Vs Western Australia, the high court ruled that Western Australia had discriminatory rules against businessmen. This shows a violation of separation of powers of the state since its own courts had ruled against the Betfair case, (Kirk, 2011). Moreover, in the 2004 Fardon Vs Attorney general dispute, the Queensland high court ruled that Fardon be continually imprisoned because he was a potential threat to the public. In its judgment, the high court ruled against this decision, and thus overriding the powers of the supreme court of Queensland (HCA, 2005)….

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Essay on English

September 20, 2011

The importance of using logos, pathos and ethos correctly
What makes an argument great depends on whether one correctly uses logos, ethos and pathos. Logos, pathos and ethos are various ways of arguments. Ethos is a term used to describe reliability with an audience. Logos is engaging the logical part of a person. Pathos defines the emotional point of an argument. In using pathos, emotions are used to gain attention from an audience or a reader. Pathos argues through emotion. These are three crucial elements that one should address while writing. If a writer lacks credibility, an audience or a reader will not take the work seriously. On the other hand, if the writer did not show logic in his work, the writing does not have any meaning. If the work showed no emotions, then the message would be lost. if an author fails to exploit these three concepts in his writing, the reader will not meet the author’s expectations. Therefore, it is important for an author to use, as well as, write to the audience’s expectations.

Tone and style selection
Tone and style selection is not only important in the medical field, but also in any other profession or field. For example, a certain notary public has the permission of advertising its services in other languages and in English. However, in California it is forbidden for a notary to use Spanish terms such as “Notario Publico” or “Notario” while advertising or in other forms of communication. This is because Notario refers to a person with the responsibility of giving legal advice, for example, an attorney. A notary public means he/she can certify legal documents. Proper structuring of tone and style while addressing a specific audience is important, in order to avoid any fines or other problems….

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Technology Ethics in the Classroom essay

September 19, 2011

Technology Ethics in the Classroom essay example:
Question 1:
The application as well as the use of technology in the classroom has been incorporated in learning and hence not a fact that can be ignored. With technology being incorporated in our daily learning and more especially in the classroom, then the students shall be enabled to become more productive individuals in the future. Since every classroom have applied the use of computers in the classroom or current technology, it is very vital for parents and teachers to monitor what the learners are doing on the computers, in addition with, how they are utilizing their time (Ivers & Pierson, 2003). When used properly, computers can be very good educational tools, in addition with, a good investment.

In each day, schools, in addition with, the students and teachers rely mainly on computers in performing their daily activities. Teachers use them in student grades recording, receiving, as well as, sending emails. Individuals mainly depend on the use of computers for creating, storing, in addition with, managing critical information, hence the computers must be protected from damage misuse or loss (Ivers & Pierson, 2003). For example, School districts must take care and guarantee that information of a student such as rates of attendance, grades, learning problems and family as well as personal data protecting them from loss and maintaining confidentiality. …

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Teacher Indentity essay

September 19, 2011

Sample essay on Teacher Indentity:
I am a 24 year old white female from a middle class family. I hail from a family of six siblings and I am the youngest. I have always had a passion for teaching ever since I was in high school. This is the time I realized that my future was really in teaching. During my early school years, I would not tell what my career would be. This is the time whereby if you ask any student, they would probably tell you that they would love to pursue medicine, engineering or since these are the most prestigious courses around. Likewise, I would not tell what I wanted to do at this time as I was too young to understand what careers meant. Immediately I stepped into high school education, my mind was broad now and I would tell that my future lay in teaching. During my high school years, I interacted with many teachers who gave me insight into this career. My teachers really encouraged me to follow my passion as one is only able to succeed by following his/her interest. Apart from this, I attended many career talks during my high school years which gave more knowledge concerning career choices.

My race as a white would influence my teaching because I intend to work in a white dominated region of this country. As a result of this, I would not have any problem adjusting due to possible constrains that may come as a result of racial discrimination. Being from another race in the region would be challenging for anyone who is beginning to teach as there are no constrains due to racial prejudice. My being white would also enable me fit well in the area I intend to teach in the sense that I will be teaching children who do not have diverse cultures. Teaching becomes especially challenging when one meets students of various cultures and as a result of this, it becomes important to alter teaching methods so as to accommodate all cultures….

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Capstone Project on Audio Production

September 12, 2011

Capstone Project on Audio Production:
Many people are now thinking of making a career in media entertainment, which is mostly due to fast money, fame and power. However, little do most of the people entering into the entertainment industry know about the industry itself? It takes natural talents to emerge as a good entertainer in which if you are lacking then by trying will be like pushing a wall. It will not be correct to point out that, having a career in audio presentation and recoding is without any challenges however, being good at it encouraging enough to face its challenges.

Having gone to school in a multi-media college, the ability to differentiate sounds has been an encouraging factor as it has been easier to know what the ears can categorize as music and a random noise. it has been to my concern that many producers lack this ability, and while most of them have considered their careers successful, they have gone as far as choosing music at random for their production not because they lack the ability to choose but due to the fact that, as more they produce the more they get richer….

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Child Abuse and Conduct Disorder in Children

September 7, 2011

According to Sadock B., Sadock V. &Sadock V.A.(2008, P.96) in their book, Kaplan and Sadock concise textbook of child and adolescent psychiatry, there in a common consensus on the fact that those children that chronically experience sexual or physical abuse when they are young are at a risk of developing aggressive behavior at later years. They also assert that the onset of aggressive behavior in children with a history of maltreatment manifests early in boys than in girls. That is to say that, conduct disorder reaches diagnostic criteria at the age between 14 and 16 for girls and at the age of between 10 and 12 years old in boys (Sadock B., Sadock V. &Sadock V.A., 2008, P.96). For instance, McCabe, et al (2005,p.575) conducted an experiment with an aim of testing the hypothesis that those children who are exposed to violent behavior end up developing conduct problems during their adolescence. This was a two years study that used a sample of 423 adolescents between the ages of 12 to 17 years old. This was a random sample of high risk youths being treated in public psychiatric hospitals. The information needed was collected from studying the adolescents’ pattern of treatment and care (Mc Cabe, et al 2005, p.575). The results put in their article titled, The Relation between Violence Exposure and Conduct Problems among Adolescents: a Prospective Study indicated that those children who had been exposed to community violence had a higher chance of developing conduct disorder which would manifest in external symptoms. On the other hand, child maltreatment predicted psychiatric disorder that manifested without externalizing the symptoms. However a child’s exposure to violence between intimate partners did not predict either of the two outcomes. Even where child maltreatment and exposure to violence between intimate partners were controlled, a child’s exposure to violence was a great contributing factor to adolescent misconduct. It is therefore imperative to form treatment solutions that address the internalizing and externalizing symptoms, in the treatment of socially deviant adolescent with a history of child maltreatment. The study also gives significant pointers towards the prevention of psychiatric disorders in young people. Romano, Zoccolilo & Paquette (2006, p. 329) did a study that investigated the relationship between child maltreatment and behavior disorder in a sample of pregnant adolescents. Cross-sectional information was collected from a sample of 252 pregnant adolescents from a home group setting, hospitals and high schools in Canada. The girls filled up a questionnaire and underwent an interview on their history of psychiatric disorder. The study used latent class analysis to associate child maltreatment and behavioral disorder. The results in their article, Histories of child maltreatment and psychiatric disorder in pregnant adolescents showed that 79% of the pregnant adolescents had not experienced child maltreatment while 21% undergone some kind of mistreatment at a young age. The study also showed that the child maltreatment latent variables had no connection with psychiatric disorder. Instead, aggressive behavior was associated with only the sexual form of child maltreatment. The results also showed a significant association between depression and psychiatric disorder in the pregnant adolescents at the ratio of 3.70.In addition and compared to the non maltreated girls, those girls who had experienced multiple forms of maltreatment were four times more likely to develop conduct disorder. In conclusion, the study proved that prior experience of sexual or multiple form of child maltreatment was a factor that predisposed adolescents to behavior misconduct (Zoccolilo &Paquette 2006, p. 329).More studies of the maltreatment history of a child will help to form better understand adolescent misconduct and come up with remedies that can help to prevent such outcomes. Relationship between depression and conduct disorder in children with child abuse Rutter & Taylor argue in their book (2002) argue in their book, child and adolescent psychiatry that, one of the identifiable causal factor for conduct disorder is child abuse….

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Admission essay

September 7, 2011

Admission essay sample:
Having served as a student representative in the school council, I have acquired leadership and values that are necessary to the students. Being a youth I identify myself with youths and fully understands the problems they face and how they can be manipulated to live in accordance with the teachings of the church .I would make use of the technology available such as use of videos and audio devices that would ensure proper communication that would enhance acquiring of skills and values required for positive living.

I attended seminars and workshops for youth development and therefore I would recommend the same for all students. During these seminars I would recommend for the involvement of the students in making presentations on various topics such as; how students can eradicate strikes and develop a sense of ownership among the students….

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