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Archive for May, 2009

A Raisin in the Sun Essay

A Raisin in the Sun was an awesome book about many things. It was about a black family struggling with economic hardship and racial prejudice. This play showed the importance of family, the value of dreams, and about racial discrimination. The further the play went the more there was to learn from the Youngers. All of the members of the Younger family had dreams and visions which could either break or make there family depending on what they chose.

Even though every member of the Younger family had a dream there dreams were very different from each other. Mama’s dream was for her to have a nice house with a garden in the back yard just like her and her husband wanted. She felt that her dream would help out the whole family, because they could take care of …

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A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay

What makes people act the way they do? Is it hereditary? Could it be that instinct alone guides people and their behavior? Or is it that people become a product of their environment? The answer can be found in Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find“. A Grandmother, living with her son and his family, appears to be a manipulative and deceitful old woman. As she and her family take a vacation drive to Florida they stumble across three escaped convicts and are systematically murdered, thanks to Grandmother’s deceitful ploy. The driving force behind the Grandmother’s deceit is the way the family treats her.

The Grandmother tries to convince Bailey, her son, to change their travel destination from Florida to Tennessee, and is completely ignored. “Here this fellow that calls himself The Misfit is aloose and headed toward Florida” (495). “I wouldn’t take my children in any direction with a criminal like that aloose in it.” (495)….

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Research Paper on Advertising

After a long day’s work or a hard day at the office, people come home, sit in the Laz-e-Boy recliner, and flip on the television. Watching a favorite TV show has become many people’s favorite way to relax or past the time. A wide variety of programming exists and most anyone will be able to watch something they can enjoy. The television industry is part of the entertainment business and has high entertainment value for viewers. In that respect, it is an important industry, for example in terms of the time people spend watching TV. At the same time, it is important as a means of transmitting advertising. Television therefore has a two-fold role, both as a provider of entertainment and a transmitter of advertising. …

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Essay on Peace

The Vietnam Conflict is a dark shadow in America’s glorious history. By the end of the conflict 57,605 Americans had been killed, over 300,000 thousand U.S. military officials had been wounded, and America had spent approximately $165 billion (“Vietnam War” 4). The majority of Americans sought after peace indispensably. “Washington’s struggle to bring the fighting to a close inevitably shifted the U.S. role in the conflict from ally and combatant to mediator between Hanoi and Saigon” (“The Shape of Peace” 15). The struggle would payoff on “January 27, 1973; various representatives signed the Paris Accords. America’s war in Vietnam was over” (Detzer 137). The Paris Accords encompassed “Four main points to the pact: withdrawal of all U.S. forces from South Vietnam; release of all prisoners of war; an international 1,160-man peace keeping force; and recognition of the right of the South Vietnamese people to determine their own future (“Vietnam War” 4)….

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Essay on London

Between 10-40 A.D. Emperor Claudius conquered Britain and integrated it into the Roman Emperium. The Celtic fortress Londinium was conquered by the Romans in the year 43 A.D. With the construction of the first bridge over the Thamse, BILD Londinium got the importance of a junction, and not just the Romans used this bridge on their way up to the north but also local traders. Thus the small settlement developed to a city after Roman pattern, to a centre of culture, administration, military and trade. In 286/287 A.D. Carausius, commander of the Roman Marine rebelled against the Emperor and appointed himself as ruler of Britannia. Londinium became his capital. Then in 449 A.D. , with the decay of the Roman Empire the Romans were driven out of Britannia and Londinium lost its importance for a long period of time.In 604 A.D. Londinium got the capitol of the Anglo-Saxon empire „Essex“ and changed its name to Lundenwic. Later, 796 A.D., it became the royal residence of the Anglo-Saxons. …

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Essay on Australia

As Australia prospers as a nation the debate to change from its current status of a constitutional monarchy to a Republic increasingly gains momentum. However, the 1993 referendum showed the majority of Australians don’t support this change and as John Howard an avowed monarchist colloquially argues “If it it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. Australia should stop arguing this issue and move forward as we have done so well in the past.

In 1901 Australia’s separate colonies united under a constitutional monarchy embracing our independence while still respecting the cultural ties with Britain. The evolution of Australia from British colony to independent nation has seen many amendments to the constitution including The Australian Act 1986, Statute of Westminster and oath of citizenship. …

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Essay on Responsibility

Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility is internal to an organization; it dictates the manner in which it has to plan about the courses of action it has to carry out with respect to the society. This term basically deals with the organization’s set of operations that it carries out for the welfare of the society while existing within itself. It helps the humanity in more than one ways, to train and educate them and to ponder upon issues, which can really change the fate of coming civilizations. It all comes under this heading of Corporate Social Responsibility. [Dave, Responsibilities Under Spotlight, The Evening Standard, 1997]…

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Essay On Time

I love to watch movies because I love to be entertained. Movies provide an escape from reality by entering into another world. A world comprised of characters, some you like and some you do not, and a story, which if effective will grip you and take you in. Sometimes so much to the extent, the world around you disappears and you become mesmerized and captivated by the images and the scenes that unfold on the screen. Film is an art form, a representation or even a manipulation of reality.

I selected Amores Perros for the purposes of this essay. I popped the cassette into the VCR without looking at the actual playing time of the movie. I wanted to see how the film makers used their ability to manipulate time to affect me and my experience….

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The House on Mango Street Essay

In the book The House on Mango Street in MLA format, titles of books are always underlined., the main character Esperanza, goes from being a young girl with low self-esteem to being a young woman seeking independence. As the reader As readers, the novel allows us to participate in Esperanza’s life as she goes through life changes. Her identity changes, and she begins to change her views on life, herself, and the people that surround her. At the end of the book Esperanza has become more mature and has become more comfortable in her own skin. Good!

Esperanza is a young Latina girl that has no feeling of belonging. Her family has moved a couple of times, so she doesn’t get the chance to get close to people. She grows up with a sister and brothers but doesn’t feel too attached to them because of the age differences and because the boys can’t talk to the girls outside of the home. …

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Research Paper on Martin Luther King

What defines an excellent leader? Is Leadership someone that can think creatively or can solve problems? Is a leader someone that knows what it takes to be a leader and to lead a group, or is it someone that sets goals for themselves and/or for the group. You could ponder these questions for a very long time but there is no true definition for leader or leadership. But you can look at people and decide if they are a good leader, by what outcomes they arrive at, the way they inspire people, and the qualities that they poses. All of these aspects are in one of the greatest leaders of all times and that would be, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This man is one to be admired and sought to be like….

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