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Marketing Papers and Essays

Marketing involve selling the product or idea that is consumer oriented and will satisfy his or her need. In your marketing classes you will often assigned to write term papers, research papers, essays and reports on various topics. To make your term paper successful you will need effectively write your ideas and research on the paper and make them sell your product and in the same time be useful for some particular group of people. If you want your marketing term paper or essay to receive a good grade, you will need to persuade your audience (in your case it will be teacher) that your product or idea is useful and will bring profit, or in other words you will need to sell your product. There are some points that you will need to consider while writing your marketing term paper if you want to make it sound and actually “sell” your product or idea to your teacher.

Sales experts agree that the weighting process requires five basic steps:

1. relating ideas to be sold to audience thoughts, beliefs and attitudes;
2. establishing community of interest;
3. building messages on benefits;
4. demonstrating results; and
5. specifying necessary response.

Ideas and Interests

Persuasion begins with appeals to existing predispositions among message recipients. In preparing messages, you must focus on recipients’ points of view about the product or idea rather than on your own.

This concept applies whether you are selling services or refrigerators in your marketing term paper. Neither is an end in itself. Each is a means to an end. Refrigerators prevent food spoilage. Public relations services enhance organizational communication programs and contribute to overall organizational objectives….

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Business Papers and Essays

In business, writing is a tool used to get things done. Because its fundamental goal is to help people do business, good business writing has efficiency as its hallmark. Writers should assume that their readers are busy individuals who have little time to spend extracting information from a document. Thus, an efficient business document makes its point quickly, often telling the reader what he or she needs to know in the opening paragraph. Extensive background information and detailed explanations are typically saved for later sections of the document.

If you are studying for Business Administration degree or some other related business degree, most probably you will need lots of business term papers or essays that will require the special use of language and that will assume your audience to business people. As every paper, business term paper should go through the specific writing process that will make your paper to achieve your goal.

Whether you are studying business or working in business, you may be asked to write a variety of types of documents. Some of the most common ones are memoranda, letters, employment documents such as job-application letters and resumes, and reports. For you as a student these documents will be assigned for studying purposes and will be in the form of business term papers that you will need to complete during your semester….

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This custom research paper will focus on autism which is defined as a developmental disability which is believed to occur in early three years of a child’s life. This disability comes up as a result of a neurological disorder that actually disturbs the normal functioning of the brain which thereafter impairs the development of an individual’s communications and interaction abilities. Usually this disorder comes with different impairments on different children. Neurological disorders like autism in some other instances can be very severe, and during such chronic stages it is usually debilitating thus resulting to inability of the child affected to perform the usual routine practices for example household matters effectively and efficiently. (Francesca, 1994)

The symptoms of this disorder may be poor concentration, being temperamental and sleep disorders. Such worries and anxiety causes major stress and may cause bad image in the societal aspect as well as in the work-related environment contexts and other significant parts of operation in an individual’s daily life. We can also deduce that such turbulences caused by psychological disorders including autism are not related however to other psychological causes such as drug abuse or medical conditions that might be related to this kind of anxiety. (Graff, Green and Libby, 1998)

Problem statement
Research indicates that autism is stated to be among the five neurological disorders referred to as Pervasive Developmental Disorders that is said to be carrying a severe and pervasive impairment in a number of development parts of an individual. Autism disorder mostly affects young children and most cases have been reported to be chronic or severe between the ages of one to three years. According to the Center for Disease Control Prevention carried out in the 2007, it was found that an estimation of two in three hundred births many children are believed to be affected by autism and the cases are still reported to be rising. As a neurological disorder it symbolizes an array of psychiatrist states whereby emotional suffering is manifested in the form of bodily, mental and psychological troubles and in many instances physical indications are seen. However, it should be noted that the ultimate indication is that of manifestation of this disorder which may develop to be severe to the child in the long-term. Many medical scientists have come to an agreement that children suffering from such disorders usually have poor capability to adjust to new environment, incapability to alter his/her life patterns and more specifically the lack of ability to build up a comfortable, more pleasing and a more comprehensive personality that he/she desires to live in. Indeed autism disorder impairs the child’s communication system which may affect him/her negatively in the future in the ordinary course of life. Medical scientists’ under this research report that the most common disorder as a result of autism is that of speech referred to as aphonia whereby an individual cannot communicate loudly but only can whisper while speaking. The other common disorder associated with autism is that of mutism whereby it also lies under the category of speech disorder and in many cases it is difficult to be diagnosed and at the same time it is not common as compared to that of aphonia which is widespread in most children. (Guralnick, 1998)…

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Hinduism and Buddhism

January 29, 2008

From egotism, force, pride,// Desire, wrath, and possession// Freed, unselfish, calmed,// He is fit for becoming Brahman” (Bhagavad Gita XVIII.53). Hinduism and Buddhism are two of the world’s greatest and most influential religions. Both of these religions arose in South Asia, and thus stem from a similar philosophy and culture. While contrasting greatly with the monotheistic religions of the West, Hinduism and Buddhism also contrast greatly with each other. Although similar in respect to general philosophy, Hinduism and Buddhism differ greatly on matters of social structure. The two religions also contrast because Hinduism omits and Buddhism emphasizes individual freedom to progress spiritually and socially in the current life. By comparing the two religions, one can easily see why it is that Hinduism has proved the more stable and Buddhism the more humanitarian philosophy.

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Academic Papers

The paper, particularly term paper, is very close in the meaning to the essay but still there are some differences. While essay can also mean free-writing or personal expression of something, papers are certainly connected to the educational process. Usually when teachers assign to write a paper, you will most probably have the list of questions that you will need to answer or have specific assignment to accomplish. The idea is that you will know what you need to write about and in what form. On the contrary, essay is a broader term. Essay assignment usually doesn’t necessarily have strict and concrete frames. You can be asked to write an essay on any topic in any form, simply in order to express your thoughts or to learn to perform first steps in writing.

Nowadays it is hard to find students who don’t know what custom term paper or midterm paper mean. All students face this task at least once in their college life. In schools, colleges, and universities most of the assignments are given in the paper form. Students still have quizzes and tests but with increase in the complexity of subjects and education level more and more term and midterm papers will get through the learning process. While in school teachers want us first of all to know the theory, in the high school and college we are already asked to express our personal opinion or make researches. Therefore it is very important for the student to be a good writer. Writing successful papers requires not only knowledge but also certain skills. There are many types of essays, which students have to accomplish during their education. They are:

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Principles of Dimensional Modeling

Dimensional modeling is the name of a logical design technique often used for data warehouses. DM is the only viable technique for databases that are designed to support end-user queries in a data warehouse. It is different from, and contrasts with, entity-relation modeling. ER is very useful for the transaction capture and the data administration phases of constructing a data warehouse, but it should be avoided for end-user delivery. This paper explains the dimensional modeling and how dimensional modeling technique varies/ contrasts with ER models.

Dimensional Modeling is a favorite modeling technique in data warehousing. DM is a logical design technique that seeks to present the data in a standard, intuitive framework that allows for high-performance access. It is inherently dimensional, and it adheres to a discipline that uses the relational model with some important restrictions. Every dimensional model is composed of one table with a multipart key, called the fact table, and a set of smaller tables called dimension tables. Each dimension table has a single-part primary key that corresponds exactly to one of the components of the multipart key in the fact table. This characteristic “star-like” structure is often called a star join. A fact table, because it has a multipart primary key made up of two or more foreign keys, always expresses a many-to-many relationship. …

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Culture Values

January 28, 2008

At the beginning we must have an imagination about what is culture. From Latin this word means: cultivation, education, formation, homage, and upbringing. This spread range of meanings, shows us that culture is the one of the most important factors for developing strong and wise social consciousness. Spiritual and material values are integral part of culture. “For where your treasure [value] is, there your heart will be also” – is written in Bible (Mt. 6:21). Human’s motivation often is egoistic profit and gaining of it takes all life. Likewise it is destructive motive that developed by greed. Really creative motive is ministry to people around and work for common peace. Therefore such values must be he part of excellent society. So, every nation disappears or becomes stronger supported with loss or consolidation of definite types of culture and values connected with them.

On the pattern of the essay “Why They Excel” by Fox Butterfield we have admitted this point of view on the example of American and Asian cultures, and their influence on students success. Part of Asian children after they’ve come to America and began studying at the University also began to excel among American students. And author analyzes this phenomena with other scientists. They have proved, that IQ level, of American and Asian children, doesn’t differ. But they have noticed other, not less important, thing about upbringing children by their parents….

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A Poe Man

January 28, 2008

The last years of his life were nothing but a miserable picture of despair, hopes, which burst out from time to time, short – time crushes, flushes of alcoholism, constant changes of accommodation. He declaims his “Eureka” in bars in Richmond. He drastically seeks hand in marriage with Sarah Helen Whitman, “Helen of thousand dreams” in Providence. He makes an attempt to commit a suicide in Boston. In Norfolk and other cities he gives lectures on “The poetic principle”. Autumn 1849 – he is again in Richmond, desperately looking for money to establish journal. After that he is going to Baltimore. This is a place, where he will be found on the third of October near the electoral district. In four days he will pass away. There will be nine people present at his funeral…

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How to Write a Literature Review

A literature review paper is not an original publication. On occasion, a literature review will contain new data (from the author’s own laboratory) that have not yet appeared in a primary journal. However, the purpose of literature review paper is to review previously published literature and to put it into some kind of perspective.
A literature review paper is usually long, typically ranging between 10 and 50 printed pages. (Some journals now print short “minireviews.”) The subject is fairly general, compared with that of research papers. And the literature review is, of course, the principal product. However, the really good literature review papers are much more than annotated bibliographies. They offer critical evaluation of the published literature and often provide important conclusions based on that literature.
The organization of a literature review paper is usually different from that of a research paper. Obviously, the Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion arrangement cannot readily be used for the literature review paper. Actually, some literature review articles are prepared more or less in the IMRAD format; for example, they may contain a Methods section describing how the literature review was done.
If you have previously written research papers and are now about to write your first literature review, it might help you conceptually if you visualize the review paper as a research paper, as follows. Greatly expand the Introduction; delete the Materials and Methods (unless original data are being presented); delete the Results; and expand the Discussion….

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Effective Book Review Writing Tips

There are fundamental differences among the various kinds of scientific books. What should be covered in an effective book review.

Monographs. We can define a monograph as a specialized book written for a specialized audience. Therefore, the reviewer of a monograph has one paramount obligation: to describe for potential readers exactly what is in the book. What, precisely, is the subject of the book, and what are the outside limits of the material covered? If the monograph has a number of subjects, perhaps each with a different author, each subject should be treated individually. The good book review, of course, will mirror the quality of the book; the pedestrian material will be passed over quickly, and the significant contributions will be given weightier discussion. The quality of the writing, with rare exceptions, will not need comment. It is the information in the monograph that is important to its audience. Highly technical language and even some jargon are to be expected.

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